Line Gauges, Typographic Rulers, & Straight Edges for Print Shops

Whether you need rulers and measuring tools, or just a straight edge to assist with cutting, we have what you need below. We carry a large selection of the popular Gaebel graphic rulers, typography rulers, line gauges, and center-finder rulers, all available in a variety of lengths and with many different units of measure, including inches, metric, agate, points, pica, and more. We also offer several sizes of straight edge rulers, which offer a metal edge for a clean and smooth cut that won't damage the ruler over time. As a print and copy shop owner, you know that accuracy is incredibly important to ensure a perfect quality finish that will impress clients.

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Line Gauges, Typographic Rulers, & Straight Edges for Print Shops

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  1. Lithco Safety Ruler

    • Sizes: 28", 40", 52", 64", 76", 100"
    • Curved aluminum top to protect your fingers
    • Non-slip rubber bottom
    • Made of solid aluminum alloy

    Starting at: $59.99

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    52" Lithco Safety Ruler Item#05LILITSR5205LILITSR52
    76" Lithco Safety Ruler Item#05LITSR7605LITSR76
  2. Keencut Steel-Tip Straight Edge & Safety Ruler

    • Lightweight anodized aluminum frame.
    • Embedded steel edge for lasting accuracy.
    • Two full-length silicone grip cords to protect and clamp your materials.
    • Feature steel cutting edges that reduce wear and offer extreme accuracy.

    Starting at: $75.87

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  3. Style 611C Gaebel Stainless Steel Line Gauge & Typographic Ruler with Pocket Clip (6")

    • Made from high quality stainless steel.
    • Feature engraved graduations and markings for long-lasting accuracy and easy identification.
    • Corrosion-resistant to withstand harsh working environments and can be purchased in a wide variety of popular styles, lengths, and markings including points, picas, inches, agate and metric.
    • Accurate measurements are close at hand.


3 Items

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