ID Supplies for Medical Professionals

Identification in the medical field is extremely important; patients need to know who their nurses and doctors are, and visitors or vendors that are not a part of regular staff need to be clearly identified. We have several pre-printed neck lanyards that offer popular IDs, including visitor, staff, volunteer, and more. We also stock several lanyards that are pre-printed with popular medical causes ribbons, like breast cancer awareness. Badge reels are also very popular in the medical field, as they clip onto your scrubs or uniform and have a retracting cord that holds your badge, making it easy to swipe as-needed throughout the facility. We can also custom print lanyards or badge reels with your hospital name, phone number, and more.

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ID Supplies for Medical Professionals

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  1. Round Retractable Badge Reels (Pack of 100)

    • Popular way to keep identification badge holders and more close at hand, without having to wear a lanyard around your neck.
    • Retractable cord.
    • Attachment: Clear removable strap clip measures 2 7/16"
    • Cord Length: Expands to 32 1/2"
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  2. Custom Printed Lanyards

    • Retain clients and increase sales by giving away custom printed lanyards as promotional products. Print essential contact information such as company name, phone number, email, website, etc.
    • Promote identity within a group such as teams, employees, schools and other organizations.
    • Increase security with specialized attachments to hold id cards, entry cards, keys, etc
    • Minimum Order Requirement: 100 Lanyards

2 Items

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