Government Office Binders

No matter what government office or administration you work in, you encounter ring binders on a daily basis. They are a classic and simple way to bind and organize paperwork, so it is no wonder why they are still one of the office supply staples in every office, everywhere. Here at Binding101 we offer the premier government office binders in several different styles, so you can get them to meet your specific needs. And don't forget to pair them with the perfect index tab dividers and sheet protectors to organize and protect your pages.

First off are our most popular binder, the classic view binder. When you say the word "ring binder" a clearview binder is what most people picture. These ring binders are made of a vinyl that is wrapped around a sturdy chipboard, with each side having a clear pocket so that you can thoroughly label your binder. This ability to insert your own printed pages into the front cover, spine, and back cover essentially make these binders customizable from the comfort of your own office. They are stocked in black and white for fast shipping, and a huge variety of additional colors can be made to order. You can get a red binder for emergency procedures, keeping the office neat with a classic white for your daily paperwork. Of get patriotic binders and pair red, white, and blue binders to spice up your shelf. Whatever color you choose, these clear view ring binders are sturdy and meant to last through daily handling. You can also select from ring sizes starting as small as 1/2" and going up to a large 4" slant-d ring.

Next up we have flexible and economical poly binders. Made of a special plastic, these polyethylene ring binders offer extreme durability with convenient material flexibility. They are ideal for binders that will be heavily handled, and while they do not have any clear pockets, they do come in a huge variety of colors for easily labeling. And you can pair them with simple self-stick pockets of many sizes. One of the huge perks of a poly binder is that they are inexpensive, but still durable and high-quality. You can actually choose from three different thicknesses of poly to meet your needs; a 23 gauge lightweight, 35 gauge medium, or 55 gauge heavy weight for the most stability. Ring sizes start at a 1/2" and go up to a 2". The affordability of these binders makes them very popular. Because we office such a huge variety of colors, poly thicknesses, and ring sizes, these binders are made to order and take an average of 6-7 business days to produce.

We also offer custom binders that can be made in both vinyl and poly, as well as a huge variety of other materials. We can brand ring binders with your seal, office information, logo, a quote, or anything else you may need. Custom printed binders for government offices are often printed on the spine with the kind of documents that will be bound inside, and on the front with a photo or patriotic slogan. Turned edge binders are a perfect choice for a full color printed binder. At Binding101 you can get a custom government binder in any special size you may need, including unique ring configurations (such as a 4-ring). Whatever you need, we can make it for you. Minimum orders start at just 50 personalized binders. Call (866) 537-2244 if you're ready for a quote on custom binders.

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Government Office Binders
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