Section 179 Tax Benefit

Now is the last chance to take advantage of the Section 179 Tax Deduction Benefit!

—Bonus Depreciation is set at 100% through 2021*—

The IRS Section 179 Deduction has been increased to $1,050,000,
with an equipment limit of $2.6M!

✅ Equipment & Software Eligible

✅ Deduction Limit: $500,000

✅ Equipment Limit: $2,620,000

✅ Bonus Depreciation: 100%


Fast Facts About the Section 179 Tax Deduction

  1. This tax code was created to help businesses by allowing them to deduct the full amount of the purchase price of equipment (up to certain limits).
  2. It is an incredible incentive for businesses to purchase, finance, or lease equipment in 2021.
  3. Section 179 is valid on most types of equipment and is aimed at general business equipment and off-the-shelf software.
  4. By deducting the full cost of your purchase in the first year, you lower the amount you pay, which greatly helps your bottom line.
  5. This deduction is easy! Just buy or lease qualifying equipment and use a special IRS form. That’s it.
  6.  The various Stimulus Acts over the past few years have included special provisions for Section 179 and Bonus Depreciation, and greatly increased the limits on how much businesses could deduct.
  7. There is no better time than now to take advantage of Section 179 and Bonus Depreciation.


—This "Use-it-or-Lose-it" Write-Off Ends on 12/31/21—



Binding101 is not an authorized tax advisor. You must consult your tax advisor or visit or contact the IRS helpline at 800.829.4933 to confirm if you qualify for this tax benefit. All information presented is subject to changes at any time by the US Government. Please check with your professional tax advisor before undertaking any tax-related transactions.