Staplex S-620NHL & S-620NFS Staples & Accessories
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Staplex S-620NHL & S-620NFS Staples & Accessories

  • Manufactured specifically for your Staplex S-630NHL and S-630NHLA triple-headed staplers.
  • Made of a durable metal.
  • Feature chisel points for smooth stapling, even though thicker stacks of materials.
  • 4 Accessories Available
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Refill your staple supply and add accessories to your Staplex S-620NFS and Staplex S-620NHL double-headed electric staplers, as well as add optional accessories. Choose from two staple sizes including type DS 1/4" or type LL 9/32". Using these Staplex staples will help prevent jams, and feature premium-quality chisel points for easy stapling through even thicker stacks of paper. Buy your Staplex staples online, packaged in boxes of 25,000. To add the capability to have more control over when the machine staples, as well as set the staple depth more accurately, you can also buy the 62N-107 footswitch and 62N-BS adjustable backstop set for your stapler.


Compatible EquipmentStaplex® S-620NFS Double Headed Electric Stapler
Staplex® S-620NHL Double Headed Electric Stapler
Staples / Stitching WireStaples
Shipping Weight (lbs)5


These Staplex staples are compatible with the Staplex S-620NFS and Staplex S-620NHL two-head staplers, and will produce the best-quality staple with the cleanest clinch, as compared with generic staples purchased elsewhere. They are manufacturer-direct, so you are assured a quality product that won't jam or cause unnecessary wear and tear to your stapler. Staples are available in two styles: either type DS 1/4" or type LL 9/32" long leg staples for thicker capacities. No matter which you choose, you receive the best staples on the market.

In addition to staples, consider buying the footswitch and backstop accessories to give you more control over the stapling process. The combination of these parts will not only allow you to set a consistent and more accurate staple depth, but will also allow you to control when the stapler activates with the touch of your foot, rather than automatic activation that is standard for the machines. Buy Staplex S-620NHL & S-620NFS staples and accessories online today.

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