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Rivet Setter Tool

Item #: 11RIVETSET

When you buy this rivet setting tool online, you can pair it with our binder mechanisms and rivets to can make your own binders, unique mounted swatch displays and more. To use, just place a rivet through your own pre-punched cover of choice and the mechanism and, using a very hard and strong work base, hit the inside of the rivet firmly with a hammer. The unique rivet setter tool shape turns the rivet opening on itself, creating a bind to your mechanism.

Qty/Pack : 1

Rivet Setter FAQs

Q: I tried to make a binder on my desk and it didn't work...why not?
A key point when using these hand rivet setters it to be sure the base or table you are using is extremely hard and strong. Instead of an office desk, something like a metal base or heavy duty immobile workstation is needed.


Product Description


This rivet setter tool is used with rivets to mount binder mechanisms to covers to make ring binders. With just this rivet setter, the proper rivets, a hammer, and a hard work surface, you can bind most ring binder mechanisms to your own custom-made covers. Simply slip the rivet through a pre-punched hole in the back of your cover so the flat-end is facing out, place the curved edge of the rivet setting tool against the open end of the rivet on the inside of your cover and mechanism, and then hit the tool with a hammer in one solid, swift motion. This impact turns the rivet opening in on itself, creating a firm bind to the mechanism.


Manufacturer Part Number 11RIVETSET
Operating Method Manual
Dimensions 1/2" W x 5" L
Quantity 1
Color Silver
Shipping Weight (lbs) 3

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