Wide Format Laminator FAQs

February 20, 2019

Wide Format Laminator FAQs

From large prints, to floor graphics, window displays, and signs, wide format commercial laminating machines can get the job done quickly, efficiently, and with a top-quality finish. Have questions about wide format laminating machines, or just the wide format lamination process in general? Let us help. At Binding101 we are more than just binding...much more...we're the paper finishing experts! So check out some of the FAQs we receive, along with their answers to help you get started. And if you need more assistance, please call us at (866) 537-2244 for one-on-one help.

What makes a laminating machine "wide format"?

Wide format refers to the maximum allotted width of laminate and, therefore, the maximum width of your print. Most manufacturers consider their roll laminating machines wide format when they reach 44", which is the same as most wide format printers minimums. They are available as wide as 65", and sometimes even wider. They are also often faster than smaller roll laminators, as they are traditionally used for higher volumes where faster laminating speeds are important.

Who uses wide format laminators?

Wide format laminating machines are most often found in higher production and industrial facilities, such as digital print and copy shops, binderies, and other finishing businesses. Sometimes you will also find wide format laminators in larger corporate businesses, as well as colleges or universities with their own designated internal print shops.

How much do wide format laminators cost?

Wide format laminators will vary quite a bit in price depending on their capabilities, including the mounting ability, the maximum width, the brand or manufacturer, any included trimmers, and other factors. Typically wide format laminator prices start at about $5,200 and go up to $15,000+.

Will wide format laminators mount too?

Yes, most wide format laminators offer not just one and two-sided lamination, but also mounting capabilities. The thickness of mounting board that they will accept will vary; the lower level models often handling the standard 3/16" thick boards, while higher ends can handle the thicker 1/2", 3/4", and sometimes even 1" thick boards.

Are wide format laminators safe?

All wide format laminating machines should feature specific safety certifications. Certifications like CE, UL, and CUL are the most common you will find. You will also often find emergency stop button, and protective shields, an/or safety beams that prevent hands and loose clothing from being grabbed by the laminator. Loose and hanging clothing should not be worn while using any laminating machine (such as ties, necklaces, bracelets, etc) for extra safety. It is also a smart idea to update any business safety policies for equipment use to fit the requirements of your business' regulations.

Will a wide format laminator fit in my space?

Most wide format laminators will laminate at least 44" wide, so it would stand to reason that the machines are quite large in stature. Make sure you measure the space available and compare it to the dimensions of the particular laminator model you plan to buy. Remember that you need more space than just the machine itself; you need enough working room to allow the laminate to enter and exit the machine, as well as enough for your staff to be able to use it. Extra room is always recommended for safety; most manufacturers recommend about 3 1/2 feet around each side of the machine.

Who makes wide format laminators?

Popular brands for wide format laminating machines include Royal Sovereign, Ledco, Pro-Lam, Seal, D&K, and Phoenix. Royal Sovereign and Ledco are widely considered the best commercial format laminators.

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