Why Buy the Professor Laminator?

March 30, 2018

Ledco Professor Roll Laminating | School Laminating Machine

Named for its preferred customer, the Ledco Professor Roll Laminator has an ease-of-usability that makes it perfect for schools and universities where multiple users may be present. It has been engineered to provide many years of dedicated service with minimal maintenance requirements. The Professor Laminator will laminates up to 10 mil lamination film and mounts materials up to 3/16" thick. It features a unique self-threading system that reduces the anxiety often associated with threading a laminator; making installing your laminating rolls easier than every before. The heated spring-loaded roller design permits simultaneous mounting and laminating using heat activated mounting boards. Heated rollers provide even pressure and heat, for the best possible lamination.

Close-Up of Ledco Professor Control Panel

The Professor Laminator features silicone rubber rollers that are easily accessible for regular cleanings. Cleaning the rollers is important as adhesive seeps out of the edged of the rolls each time the laminator is used, and adheres to the rollers.

Safety is not an issue with the Professor Laminators clear polycarbonate shield that protects from operator injury while providing an easy viewing platform. The shield is fixed to the machine and positioned so that the operator must naturally put it into guard position before laminating.

Supply roll tension controls - Supply roll tension controls make it easy to adjust the roll tension by simply tightening or loosening the tension control knobs on the supply roll mandrels

A reverse switch is invaluable and helps avoid problems and clear mis-feeds by reversing the lamination before damage can be done to the laminating machine.

Variable speed control lets you adjust the speed of your laminator, and has the capability of running as fast as fifteen feet per minute. Mounting should be applied at one foot per minute. Variable heat controls lets you set the temperature of the laminator from 100 degrees to 400 degrees.

An LCD temperature display makes it easy to set and maintain the correct temperature for your different applications and lamination types. The indicator light inside the heat switch comes on as the machine warms up. Once the machine reaches the set temperature the indicator light turns off.

Ledco Professor Roll Laminator

The built-in threading aids making threading your laminator easier than every before. Once the upper and lower strips of film have been threaded through the machine, bottom idler threading is automatically started when the operator closes the feed tray into it's operating position.

Forced air-cooling allows for perfect laminating, even with thicker films. Without a cooling system, thicker lamination films will warp or ripple because they are still too hot when they come out the back of the laminator. The Professor has a more effective cooling system than any other machine in its class.

The Ledco Professor Roll Laminating Machine has a maximum laminating width of 27” and accepts all lamination up to 10 mil thick on a 1” core. It takes about 30 minutes to warm-up to the maximum set temperature, which is the average for laminating machines of this size. Measuring at 34” long by 11” deep by 16” high and weighing at about 75 pounds unpackaged, the Professor, like all roll laminators, requires some space to be properly run. You can place it onto any stable workspace, or pair it with a convenient lamination stand. It works with a standard 110 volt outlet, so has no specialty electrical requirements.

This instructional video will walk you through the entire process of using the Professor roll laminating machine, from unpacking your new unit, to cooling it. It also reviews safety precautions, and can be used as a training tool for your staff before they use it. Make sure to always use instructional videos in conjunction with the user manuals included with the machine, as there are more details found there. Check out how to use the Professor laminator below:

The Ledco Professor Roll Laminator has all of the features & benefits of the well-known Educator Roll Laminator, plus additional function and performance capabilities beyond expectations for all equipment in this price range. One of the most desirable functions of the Professor Laminator is that it not only runs laminating roll film, but can run laminating pouches as well. It is the perfect finishing tool for companies and institutions transitioning from outsourcing to bringing work in-house as well as for: Schools, Daycare Centers, Law Offices, Map Dealers, Color Labs, Government Offices, Libraries, Hospitals, Prisons, Small Print Shops, & Design Studios. It comes standard with a two year manufacturer’s warranty, one of the longest warranties in the lamination industry.

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