Which is Best: Thermal Binding, Spiral Binding, or Wire Binding?

April 16, 2018

What Document Binding is Best?

Every kind of book binding spine or cover has it's place in the world, but just as with people, not every binding spine is the perfect pair with every business, or even every application within a business. I wish it were as simple as "X is the best for everything!", but it's simply...not. So let's delve into these 3 incredibly popular document binding solutions, and what each of them can offer you, so we can figure out which is best for you: thermal binding, spiral binding, or wire-o binding.

What Do You Need Your Book To Do?

First, let's look at the specifics of what you need your book to do. Do you need a document that will lay completely flat on the table, without having to hold the covers down? Do you need a book that allows for a full 360° page turning? Do you need your document to look professional, such as for client presentations and proposals? Do you need something that is fast and efficient, or something that is real easy to do so everyone in your office can bind their own books? Take a look at the chart below and compare what you want, to the binding method that fills that need.

What do You need your book to do?Thermal BindingSpiral Binding (Plastic Coil)Wire-O Binding
Lay Flat once Bound
Pages Turn 360°
Documents Can Be Edited After Bound
Strong Bind
Flexible Bind✔ (Some Options)
Professional Finish
Fast to Bind
Easy to Bind (for Newbie's)
Have Attached Covers

What Industry Are You In?

And now, lets talk about the industry that you work in. Do you work for a small business, or own your own business? Are you a teacher or educator at a school or university? Are you a real estate or marketing agency? Are you a photography studio? For these, and many more, there are tried and true document binding solutions that other organizations utilize, and they can be seen below.

What is Your IndustryThermal BindingSpiral Binding (Plastic Coil)Wire-O Binding
Small Business
Large Business
Real Estate
Print & Photography

What Are You Binding?

Next, let's look at the specific kinds of documents that you will need to bind. Now, in reality, any binding method can be used for any application, but that doesn't mean it will work well. So the book binding methods marked with a "✔" below have been proven in the industry for the specific application listed, and are used frequently throughout.

What are you binding?Thermal BindingSpiral Binding (Plastic Coil)Wire-O Binding
Client Proposals
Financial Reports
Sales Tools (In The Field)
Yearbooks / Textbooks
Internal Documents

Now that you've evaluated your needs, you should be able to choose which binding method is going to be best for your business...thermal binding, spiral binding (plastic coil), or wire-o binding. If you are still unsure, we have a fully trained staff ready to take your call at (866)537-2244. We're also available via email at info@buy101.com.

Mallory Morsa, Binding101 Product ExpertAbout the Author • Mallory Morsa has been the product expert at Binding101 since 2008, and has grown up in the industry. Every day she pushes herself to learn new information, incorporating real-life experiences to create solutions to the most common problems in the industry, and then present those solutions in a way that is easy to understand for everyone, from novices to experts.

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