Where can I Buy Paper Cutter Blades for my Polar Cutter?

August 14, 2018

Polar Heidelberg Replacement Paper Cutter Blades

If you have a Polar Heidelberg paper cutting machine and are looking for the best place to buy replacement paper cutter blades and cutting sticks, then Binding101.com is the place to buy. We stock a huge variety of cutting knives for various Polar cutters, including the Polar 55, 58, 71, 76, 82, and many more! PLUS if you don't see your exact cutter model listed, don't worry - we can get the exact replacement blade you need for ANY Polar Heidelberg paper cutter, old or new.

Polar cutting blades you can buy online

Polar Heidelberg 82EL Replacement Blades
Polar Heidelberg 80HY Replacement Blades
Polar Heidelberg 55EL Replacement Blades
Polar Heidelberg 71 Replacement Blades
Polar Heidelberg 2CE Replacement Blades
Polar Heidelberg 75 Replacement Blades
Polar Heidelberg 76EL Replacement Blades
Polar Heidelberg 78 NMW Replacement Blades
Polar Heidelberg 58EL Replacement Blades
Polar Heidelberg 78/80 Replacement Blades
Polar Heidelberg 66E Replacement Blades

Polar cutting blades you can special order - call (866) 537-2244 with blade specs

• ANY Polar Heidelberg model cutter, old or new
• ANY custom blade for ANY paper cutting machine

Why these are the best Polar cutting blades

At Binding101, we partner with the premium cutting knife manufacturer in the world, making the highest quality and longest lasting blades on the market, without charging an arm and a leg. How do we ensure the highest quality cutting blades? All of our cutting knives are "Diamond Cut"; the Diamond cut blade process produces knives that actually exceed the original manufacturer's specifications for quality, meaning our blades are better than the OEM and will last longer, delaying the need for replacements.

Polar cutting blade grades of steel

Replacement Polar blades are available in a few different grades of steel for you to choose from, including standard inlay (INL), high speed steel (HSS), and select options in an high carbon/high chrome (HCHC) option.

    • Standard Inlay Blades: Made of a bi-metallic composition with one part specialty high alloy tool steel and one part standard grade steel. A special INL fusion process bonds these two steel grades together to produce a high quality blade, at an affordable price point.

    • High Speed, High Steel Blades: Made of a bi-metallic composition with 18% tungsten, high speed steel, and one part standard grade steel. The HSS fusion process creates an extremely wear-resistant knife that offers a three to five times longer knife life than conventional blades.

    • High Carbon, High Chrome Blades: These blades are made of solid D2 tool steel. These thouroughly hardened knives have extremely high wear-resistant properties. HCHC blades are used solely in bed knives for three-knife trimmers.

When paired with our Blade Saver premium cutting sticks, your blade life will be longer, and your cuts more precise, when you buy replacement blades for your Polar paper cutter online at Binding101.com

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