What is the Best Manual Business Card Cutter?

November 19, 2018

There really are not very many manual-style business card slitters on the market. But that being said, the best of the small pool available is clearly the Cardmate. This is a no-brand machine, and is incredibly affordable. It will cut 1 sheet at a time, and required 3 passes to completely cut 1 sheet of paper into business cards. It is important not to try to cut more than 1 sheet, as that can damage the machine fairly easily, cause jams, or break the blades.

As you can gather from the volume, the Cardmate manual business card cutter is meant for individuals or home businesses that only need to cut small volumes, and not every day. It cuts a letter size 8 ½" x 11" into 10 business cards in the standard 10-up format. One important thing to note is that it is not built for full-bleed sheets. This means that there is not a gutter cut, which produces a thin strip between each card, to allow for your ink coverage, without overlapping onto different cards.

The Cardmate business card slitting machine is incredibly easy to use. Place your printed page into the first feed, and push the alignment guides together to center the paper. Then turn the crank handle on the right to pull your page through and perform the first cut, turning your page into 2 strips of cards. Then take one of those strips and place it into the second feed opening. Press those self-centering alignment tabs in to square your sheet, and turn the handle again. Repeat for the 2nd strip, and you're done. You now have 10 standard business cards, measuring 2 ½" x 3".

Even though this is a manual card cutter and the speed is totally operator-dependent, I have found that I can cut full sheets of cards at about 5-6 per minute, which gives me a speed of 50-60 cards per minute. Not bad for a little hand-crank machine.

A cool feature of this slitter is that the trays fold in, making it very compact, so you can store it easily when it is not being used. Yet another reason this is a great manual card cutter for home businesses.

Cardmate Manual Business Card Slitter, Compact for Storage

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