What are Self-Piercing Grommets?

September 6, 2018

What are Self-Piercing Grommets

What is a self-piercing grommet?

With self-piercing grommets, there is no need to pre-punch holes in the material before applying grommets. Our self-piercing grommets and dies combine two steps into one. Using one of our presses, a die set, and grommet works together allowing the grommet to cut its own hole in the material and close around the washer. This makes for fast and durable application. In addition, self-piercing grommets are a heavier gauge than traditional sheet metal grommets.Self-piercing grommets are available in sizes between #XX00 (1/8”) to #5.5 (11/16”).Larger grommet sizes, including #7.5, #8.5 and #12, are not self-piercing and require a hole punch die and a setting die.

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