What is a Grommet?

August 23, 2018

What Is a Grommet?

Grommets, not gromits nor grommits, are small metal rings (not “eyelets” as described below) that are typically used in signage including vinyl, fabric, and canvas banners, rigid plastic signs and corrugated plastic yard signs. You’ll also often see them in drapes and curtains in various shapes and forms. The purpose of a grommet is to provide a reinforced hole through which something passes through. The reinforced hole ensures that one can hang a sign (or curtain) without tearing the material itself. They are also used as decoration in clothing and purses.

Eyelets or Grommets?

Some refer to grommets as “eyelets”. While many use the terms interchangeably, doing so isn’t 100 percent accurate. Technically speaking there is one major difference. Eyelets are one piece of material such as brass or metal that is t-shaped and punched through the material. It is then compressed to make sure it stays in place. Grommets on the other hand are made up of two pieces; a grommet and a washer, for example, two metal rings are placed on either side of the material (think canvas, vinyl, corrugated plastic, etc.) and then compressed to form a more durable grommet. Eyelets are often used in cases where a smaller answer is needed such as scrapbooking, crafting, clothing and even in shoes for shoelaces. Grommets are much stronger and used in situations that call for a more reinforced and longer lasting hold, such as permanent signage and heavy curtains or drapes.

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