What Gauge are Plastic Binding Coils?

September 21, 2018

What Gauge are Plastic Binding Coils?

"Gauge" refers to the thickness of a the material that is formed to produce a binding spine. It is not the diameter or the circumference of the binding spine; instead, it is the thickness of the actual material itself. So when referring to a plastic binding coil, the coil gauge is the thickness of the plastic. As the coil diameter gets larger, the gauge/thickness does as well, allowing for additional strength and durability to handle the extra weight of more paper. The gauge of a coil binding spine has no baring on what machine or coil punch pattern they are compatible with; they will all work with standard, matching-pitch coil binding machines. But some people want to know what the gauge of a plastic binding coil is, so we have created this coil gauge chart that will show you the diameter of the coil (or the coil binding size) and that corresponding material thickness (gauge).

Plastic Coil Size Coil Plastic Gauge
6mm 63 Gauge
7mm 63 Gauge
8mm 63 Gauge
9 mm 69 Gauge
10 mm 69 Gauge
12 mm 69 Gauge
13 mm 79 Gauge
14 mm 79 Gauge
15 mm 79 Gauge
16 mm 79 Gauge
18 mm 82 Gauge
20 mm 82 Gauge
22 mm 82 Gauge
25 mm 93 Gauge
28 mm 93 Gauge
30 mm 93 Gauge
32 mm 93 Gauge
35 mm 93 Gauge
38 mm 93 Gauge
40 mm 94 Gauge
45 mm 94 Gauge
50 mm 103 Gauge

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