Top 5 NEW Items Added in 2019

December 16, 2019

Top 5 NEW Items Added in 2019

As 2019 comes to a close, we've gathered a list of our top 5 NEW products added this year. These items flew off the shelves as soon as we added them to our lineup. Take a look and see how they can help you too!

  1. AA - ZZ Collated Avery Side Double Letter Tabs - Make organizing your files and binders simple with double letter indexes. These dividers are printed with AA, BB, CC, etc, through ZZ. Inexpensive, simple, and fast, double letter tabs are an ideal second set to single letter tabs. They are collated and prearranged into a full alphabet set, so each set contains 26 sheets. They are 1/26 cut so all tabs are visible in the one bank. Pre-printed legal tab dividers are Avery style, featuring a Helvetica bold font that is easy to read, two-side printing in tumble format, and a clear laminate Mylar on the extension for added durability. They are made from a sturdy 80# index stock in letter size 8½" wide and 11" high, plus a standard 1/2" side tab extension. They are not punched, leaving the binding and filing choices completely up to you; you can use standard 3-ring binders or any other document binding that you have a punch for.
  2. ClipsShop CSTIDY-41 Pneumatic Grommet Press - With the ClipsShop CSTIDY-41 you get the power and strength of a pneumatic grommet setting machine, but with the affordability and ease of use of a desktop unit. This grommet press machine is perfect for businesses who need to cut holes and set grommets in one-step through a variety of materials, including traditional vinyl signs, laminated sheets, tarps, flags, banners, truck covers, awnings, industrial fabrics, posters, and more. Safe for anyone in your shop to use, the CSTIDY-41 has a simple OSHA-compliant safety guard and manual triggering mechanism. Efficient and accurate, this grommetting unit has a convenient waste collection drawer and requires no electricity to work. Compatible with grommet sizes from #XX00 through #5.5 using the special, proprietary self-cleaning dies.
  3. FP-1B Paper Drill Hole Punch - If you need to punch 1-hole or 2-holes for stacks of sheets quickly, but on lower-volume level, then the FP-1B may be the right fit for you. This small-in-stature paper drill has a single bit that allows you to punch through up to a 1" stack of paper. This compact machine includes a detachable extended back gauge guide that can be set to punch the hole from 1/4" to 1 ½" from the edge of the page, and helps you align pages up to 15" wide. Easy to use, simply set the guide to the depth you want, tighten the knobs on the side to hold it in place, place your paper against the guide, press down on the clamp to hold your stack in place, and use both hands to pull the handle down in one smooth motion.
  4. Metallic Foil Fusing Rolls - Add brilliance to your documents with toner adhesion foiling. This special foil will stick to the dry toner that is used in most copiers and some select laser printers (does not work with wax-based inks*). Our metallic reactive foil colors offer a consistently bright and vibrant solid color that will add a unique pop to invitations, greeting cards, business cards and so much more. The large variety of colors gives you the versatility you want. These colored metallic foil fusing rolls work well with most smooth paper* of many thicknesses. Our foils are not the same as what you will find at the craft store; not only are they less expensive per square inch, they are of a much higher production-quality, so you can achieve a truly solid, professional foiled finish. Simply print your design, and use a heated foil or laminating machine to apply foil to the printing.
  5. Quick Picker Sheet Counting Ring - The "Quik-Pik-R" quick picker sheet counting ring is a convenient, efficient, and simple tool that helps you count and separate our stacks of paper into designated stack thicknesses. Just set the depth by rotating the screw, slide the device onto your ring finger (or any finger you prefer), and run it over your stack. The separator base will easily glide between sheets without damaging them, allowing you to grab the pre-determined stack easily. The Quik-Pik-R paper counting ring can greatly increase speed and productivity, while eliminating headaches and hassle with hand-counting stacks. The accurate counter and sheet separating tool ensures your binding punch is not overloaded or working below it's potential by ensuring the proper number of sheets are inserted for each punch. Use with any binding method you use in your business to help achieve matching stacks of paper.

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