The Only Automatic Thermal Binding Machine: the Accel Ultra

April 30, 2018

Coverbind Accel Ultra & Ultra+ Thermal Binding Systems

Coverbind® has revolutionized the thermal binding industry by creating the FIRST EVER automatic thermal binding machine in the world: the Accel Ultra! Thermal binding has always been an easy way to bind hard and soft cover books, but it has never been as fast or efficient as this, even allowing your user to walk away while the machine continues to process your books at incredible speeds! ► Be sure to watch the video at the bottom of this post.

Introducing the Coverbind Accel Ultra:

the first and only automated binding machine that requires no punching, and no user to stand by the machine to move the books from station to station. It features unique Drop & Go® technology that allows you to do just that...drop in your books, and walk away. This binding machine is maintenance free, and the perfect addition to print shops, real estate agencies, universities, photo studios, and large businesses who need to automate their presentation making solutions.

With the Coverbind Accel Ultra you can make proposals, annual reports, sales tools, yearbooks and textbooks, orientation documents, gifts, photo books, and so much more!

How to Use the Accel Ultra:

    ① Turn on the machine. Gather your pages and slide them into the cover size selector. The screen will display which Coverbind cover spine size you should be using based on the document thickness.

    ② Insert your pages into the Coverbind cover of your choice in the indicated spine size, and place the cover into the unit. You can place them one at a time, or in batches.

    ③ Press start, and walk away. Or if you have more documents to load, place them just as before into the open sections as the machine rotates the books through, and exposes more open sections. It will chime and the binding light on the side of the machine will turn red when the binding process is complete.

Why the Accel Ultra is Awesome:

    • It is Super Fast - This machine is seriously fast, when compared to other thermal binding machines and especially when compared with punch-and-bind machines. It can produce books at 1 per second (yes, I said 1 per second. This makes it easy and inexpensive to produce even rush-order, increasing your bottom line profits on several fronts.

    • Easy as Pie - This awesome binder is so easy to use, just 1 operator can do it without training. Even kids can figure this machine out, it is that easy. No complicated paper alignment, hole centering, punching, paper waste, inserting, or closing is needed. You just put your pages into a cover, place the cover into the machine, and press start -- that's it!

    • Strong as an Ox - Well, maybe not that strong...but certainly the strongest bind in the industry! Unique to Coverbind covers, there is a pre-applied EVA glue in the spines that also has a mesh gripper. Once dry, you can tug on the pages hard and they will tear before they come out of the bind. It creates unbeatable strength-of-bind with virtually no paper stock limitations; so you can even use digital printed stocks, glossy coated pages, or even laminated sheets without worry.

    • Make All Kinds of Stuff - The Accel Ultra is super versatile and can work with a huge variety of soft and hard covers, including different thicknesses, colors, and even with or without windows. There are even customizable cover options that you can print in house with standard office equipment (and, of course, we can also customize them for you).

    • Takes Up Little Space - This unit is very compact, and can easily sit on a desktop or workstation. It doesn't take up any floor space, which is unheard of with automated equipment. It weighs about 105 lbs. and measures only 25” W x 29 ½" D x 17” H. Hint: When placing, it is easiest to work with at waist height so your user can look down into the machine.

    • One of a Kind - As mentioned before, Coverbind is the only brand that offers automated thermal binding equipment.

    • It Looks Great - It is super sleek looking with the all-black design. Not clunky or beige (booooring!).

    • Tried and True - The new Accel line, including the Ultra, is a 3rd generation Bindomatic thermal binder, that has been perfected to meet the needs of our users.

    • Eco-Friendly - All of the Coverbind covers you can use with this machine are 100% recyclable.

Who Uses the Accel Ultra & for What?

Below are just some of the popular customers and their applications, but with the incredible versatility, low run costs, and automated binding process, it can truly be used for any kind of book binding or document binding needs.

BusinessesSchools & UniversitiesReal Estate AgenciesPhoto Studios
• Proposals• Yearbooks & textbooks• Proposals• Photo books
• Presentations• Student Publications• Sales Tools• Gallery Highlights
• Quarterly/Annual Reports• Crafts/Gifts for Parents• Home Buyer Gifts• Sales Tools
• Board Meeting Reports• Course Catalogs• Board Meeting Reports• Sponsorship/Donor Requests
• Sales Tools• Orientation Documents• Financial Documents• Art Collections

*May vary depending on number of books, spine size, operator, and other factors.

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