Better than the Stimpson Grommet Press

May 22, 2018

CSTEP-2 Grommet Press...Better than the Stimpson 405

Customers LOVE the CSTEP-2 grommet press - they tell us that it is better than the Stimpson 405 equivalent, and less expensive too! Even the supplies like grommets and grommet dies are less expensive, and longer-lasting.

European made, the CSTEP-2 (pronounced See Step Two) is a high quality, heavy, and sturdy grommet press machine. It works with grommet sizes from #XX00 to #5.5 (1/8" to 11/16") so handles the most popular grommet sizes for banners, sign making, fashion, and more. The most popular grommet dies and grommets for the CSTEP-2 are self-piercing, which means they will punch the hole and set the grommet in just 1 step and 1 stroke of the handle.

The CSTEP-2 is manufactured by ClipsShop, which is a well known brand name for the highest quality grommet press machines and the best grommets on the market. It is perfect for low to mid volume grommet needs, and offers an affordable solution for small or medium businesses with the occasional grommet setting need.

ClipsShop CSTEP-2 Grommet Press Features

To switch between grommet sizes, the die change-over is fast and simple. The CSTEP-2 has a unique handle shape that reduces the force required to set a grommet, even through some tougher materials, while the soft grip handle keeps you comfortable.

It features a longer set depth than other similar machines, allowing you to place grommets up to 4 ¼" deep into your materials for more variety of applications and grommet set locations. You can also add the optional GrommetSniper alignment tool that easily installs onto the table and adds an extended ruler tool that helps you align your items when setting multiple grommets into the same piece of fabric or material.

From being used as hardware for hanging banners to decorative additions to a purse, grommets seem to be everywhere these days. And why spend more money for a different brand when the ClipsShop CSTEP-2 is the best grommet press for low volume grommeting? This powerful small grommet press was manufactured to be competitive with the Stimpson 405, but offers even more capabilities, all at a lower price point for the press itself, as well as the consumables. Now you can make low-volume professional grommeted signs, banners, fashion accessories or clothing, and so much more at an affordable price than ever before.

CSTEP-2 with GrommetSniper attached, close-up photo

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