Introducing NEW Satin Matte Thermal Reactive Foils

May 3, 2019

Introducing Satin Matte Foils

If you are in love with our toner reactive foil (I know I am!) but you want a little something different, then our brand new satin matte foils may be exactly what you're looking for!

These gorgeous new foil colors have a smooth matted look, which is much softer and more sophisticated than the metallic alternatives.

Satin matte toner reactive foils are currently available in seven colors, and we're preparing for more in the near future! These lovely foil colors include: soft matte gold, medium matte gold, soft pearl matte silver, medium matte silver, matte copper, matte fuchsia, and matte teal. Take a look at the below photos to really compare each, which is especially helpful to compare the multiple styles of gold and silver available.

Satin Matte Toner Foil Color Comparison

What is Toner Reactive Foil?

Toner reactive foil brings the fun and vibrant foiling process to the access of everyone without specialty equipment. The back of the foils has a specialty heat-reactive adhesive that will stick directly onto dry toner printed designs, while leaving the rest of your paper clean. With only a few tools, you can turn plain printed pages into gorgeous foiled prints.

To use Toner Reactive Foil, you will need...

Supplies Equipment
Foil Roll Pouch Carrier Paper Stock Printer
(Dry Toner Only)
Pouch Laminator
(Select Models)
Foil Fusing Machine
Satin Matte Foils
Metallic Foils
Glitter Foils
Iridescent Foils
Holographic Foils
Gloss Pigment Foils
Many sizes of
pouch carriers
are available.
Only needed if using
a pouch laminator.
Any smooth paper
stock should work
well. Textured papers
will not work.
Any printer or copier
that uses dry toner
will work. Foil will
not stick to wax inks.
Pouch laminators should
reach a minimum temperature
of 300° and have
adjustable heat and
speed for the
best results. Laminators
without these features
might still work, but
are not recommended.
Foil fusing machines
are specially made for
high volumes of foiling.

Most of our foil rolls come in various roll sizes, including 8" or 12" wide with a 100' length (8 or 12 inches by 100 feet) and a 1/2" core, or a 24" wide and 500' length full-size roll (24 inches by 500 feet) with a 1" core. Our thermal reactive foils are top-quality and considered some of the best foil rolls on the market.

Foiling is a great way to create wedding invitations, award certificates, craft projects, framed prints, business cards, letterhead and anything else that could benefit from bright metallic, unique color accents.

Important Details & Considerations:

All of our foil rolls are toner-reactive and require a heat source to fuse. Toner-reactive means that they will only stick to the dry toner that is printed on your sheet. Dry toner can be found in most office copiers. It will not, however, work with wax-based inks, which are often found in laser and inkjet printers. Check your printer ink cartridge for compatibility with foil rolls. If you're not sure, call us at (866)537-2244 and we can test your printed pages in-house and mail back the results.

In addition, foiling is accomplished best on only smooth paper stocks with no coating. In order to achieve a solid foil across all of your print, the paper stock that it is printed on needs to be smooth and uncoated. Texture prevents the foil from going inside the crevices and will leave you with a spotty design. Sometimes C1S or C2s paper, the coating on some stocks blocks the foil from adhering. The thickness of your paperstock doesn't usually cause an issue, however, when using thicker paper you will need additional heat to compensate.

Heat is very important factor when it comes to foiling. Our selection of foil laminators all have some important functions that are needed to foil, the most important of which is heat (and/or speed). A minimum of 300° F is needed to foil, and the ability to get hotter is highly recommended, especially if you will be using transparent foils or holographic patterned foils, which require more heat (or more time in the heat) to properly fuse. This is why not all pouch laminators will always work, and why some will only work with certain foils. We have more information about what capabilities your pouch laminator will need to work on our foil laminators page (just hit "view more" on that page). If you want us to send you a sample piece of foil to test on your machine, just give us a call at (866)537-2244 and we would be happy to do so!

Want more information on foiling? Click here to check our our library of foiling blogs and resources.

NEW Satin Matte Thermal Toner Foils

Satin Matte Foil Color Swatch

For more information or a quote, call us at (866) 537-2244 (866) 537-2244 or email

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