Meet the Binding101 Team: Mallory Morsa

May 20, 2018

About the Author: Mallory Morsa, Product Expert + Content Specialist


Hi everyone! My name is Mallory Morsa, and I am the product expert and content specialist for

I have been a part of the team since June of 2008, so I'm coming up on 10 years in just a few short months. My primary roles in the company are to create product listings on our website, and all of the content that goes along with that. This includes written content, such as descriptions and specifications, as well as media content, such as photos, info-graphics, and videos. I also run our social media accounts, and work side-by-side with our marketing team to create special offers that our customers love.

In order to do all of this, I take the knowledge that I have gained through my 10 years of experience and put it into words that are easy for everyone to understand, from those new to the industry, all the way up to experts with a long time in the field. I dive deep into every product that I work on, to really find out how it works from the inside-out, so I can truly provide you with the details that are necessary to make an educated buying decision.

Some of my top goals with my content include:

    • Making complicated information simple
    • Creating unique written content with information and details that can't be found anywhere else
    • Producing high quality photographs of products, so you feel like you are seeing the machine in real life before you buy
    • Making informative videos to walk you through every step of a product
    • Answer your questions before you have to ask them

I also use my freelance photography, videography, and writing skills to create valuable content that improves our communication with customers, as well as our website rankings with search engines.

My Binding101 Story:

Having practically grown up in the industry, I have worn many different hats here at Binding101. When I first started, I was hired on to a customer service and sales position. At that time Binding101 was in its infancy; our little team was very small, and most of the day to day business operations were handled by a duo of just my manager, Shannon, and myself. We couldn't be stopped, as we helped grew the e-commerce division of this company to the point where we needed help to handle all the calls and orders coming in.

Once we had hired some additional customer care team members, I was already established as a sales guru, and was promoted to sales supervisor. This gave me the opportunity to really dive even deeper into the products we offer, to learn all of the ins and outs so that I could truly play a part in training our team. Through this experience I kind of became the unspoken go-to expert for products, and started editing our website, learning about coding, and working to make every page on our site cater to the customer...making it simple, informative, and giving every piece of information someone may need to feel confident in their purchase.

About five years into my career at Binding101, I had decided that I wanted to re-locate and move toward the California coast. I was excited when the management group decided to keep me on as a product expert and content specialist remotely. I also began working on building our social media and web presence on a whole. Since then, we have added several other awesome staff members to our team, and we have grown so much -- it is like I have watched our little website flourish from a baby to a thriving adult, and it has been such a cool thing to be a part of.

I now create every kind of web content for Binding101 you can think of; written content, photography, videography, blogging, and more.


I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Ashford University, with a major in organizational management and a minor in marketing. I was on the Dean's list every year, and graduated with a cumulative GPA of 4.0. Before that, I attended Moorpark College and obtained an associates degree in liberal arts. My favorite classes, even going back as far as high school, were always English. I had wonderful professors for those classes that sparked a love for the language that spurs me on in my writing.

About Me (Outside of Work):

In my personal life, you can most often find me doing one of a few things...binge watching Netflix or Hulu with my guy and furbabies, reading outside, cooking exciting vegan recipes, or volunteering.

I have 3 cats, named Shadow, Isabella, and Scarlett. I grew up with a cat and several dogs, and eventually, want to open my home to a couple pups as well! Their favorite shows are Planet Earth and other animal shows, while mine tend to be on the more lighthearted-comedy side of things, such as Friends, Parks and Recreation, the Office, Lucifer, and many more.

When I am not taking advantage of my streaming subscriptions, I can be found at the park or pool reading my dystopian novels or fiction fantasies.

I also love to cook! More recently I have been experimenting with plant-based vegan foods and it is a whole new world of excitement and flavors that I am only beginning to unlock.

A couple of times a week I also volunteer at my local animal shelter, most often in the neonatal kitten nursery where I bottle-feed and care for kittens without mothers. In the past few years alone, we have rescued hundreds of kittens brought in that would not have survived otherwise. I also take both small and large dogs for walks and to playgroups, and help socialize the adult cats and bunnies, as well as volunteer at events.

I also love to visit with my family, take leisurely hikes in the springtime, travel (Lake Tahoe and Sedona are just a few of my favorites), have game nights, unplug in the mountains, volunteer with my Chive Charities family, and chill out with some yoga.