How to Make High-Volume Documents Faster & Easier Than Ever

April 12, 2021

How to Make High-Volume Documents Faster & Easier Than Ever

If your large business needs to bind together documents frequently and in high volumes, then you understand what a time-consuming task it can be. There is machine setup for particular job specifications (like sheet size, binding size, etc), and manual operation of the machine during the job process, and then finishing of the particular binding, such as edge trimming or inserting.


Plus, the operation of these machines is usually quite expensive as well; not just with the initial investment into the industrial machinery required (usually upwards of $20K), but the cost of your operators' time during production, which is an ongoing and increasing cost as time continues. This large machinery also takes up quite a bit of real estate space in your office or production room.


But now there is a better solution; a machine that solves all of these problems.

The Accel Ultra

Powerful, Professional, Fast, & Easy Thermal Binding


This impressive system is a thermal binding machine. But don't let that scare you off right off the bat! It is unlike any other thermal binder on the market. That is because it is automated for continuous binding, produces professionally-bound books at speeds up to 7,200 books per hour, requires no special setup or complicated training, offers unmatched strength-of-bind with integrated mesh inserts in the spine, takes up very little space in your workroom, and looks sleek and clean.

A Faster Solution for Large-Volume Document Binding

120 Documents / Minute (2 Books per Second!)


The Coverbind Accel Ultra offers an impressive binding speed of two documents per second or one hundred and twenty per minute. This is achieved due to the quick one-minute binding cycle and continuous-loading feature. The covers move through the machine on a rotating cylinder, which allows your user to continuously load document after document, so there is never a moment of downtime.


Once all of the documents are loaded, your user doesn't have to stand by and wait for them to finish their cycle in the machine; the drop and go technology means they can walk away and perform other tasks, returning when they're ready to package, store, or present their books.


There is also no warm-up time required for the Ultra; it is ready to go once it is turned on.


Cycle Speed 1 Minute binding cycle; output speed is achieved with continuous binding "drop and go" technology
Document Output Speed* 2 Books per second 120 Books per minute 7,200 Books per hour
Approximate Annual Volume 10,000+ Documents per year


An Easier Solution for High-Volume Binding

No Complicated Setup, No Punching


The Ultra binding machine from Coverbind requires no setup. Just plug it in and turn it on; the machine is ready to go. It will handle your various book thicknesses without having to set the machine for each cover. This means you save time before the starts, and it also means you can do combination jobs with various sizes without having to change the machine between batches. This also plays into the speed, as your operator can spend much less time with setup and more time actually producing professionally-bound reports.


Operation is also incredibly simple; the automatic rotation of the binding conveyor keeps your job moving through production, without needing any pauses or stops. It is a simple one-step operation that just requires you to place your pages into a cover and drop the cover into the machine. That's it! Once it is done binding, the books exit into a holding bin where you can remove and place them on a cooling rack for complete curing.

Versatile, Professional Finishing

Huge Cover Collection, Including Softcover and Hardcover Options


There are a huge collection of thermal binding covers that you can use with the Accel Ultra. So unlike with other industrial binders that only handle one finishing style (such as wire-o), the Ultra lets you bind softcovers and hardcovers of varying styles in a flash. Within those two categories, there is also a large selection of styles, including options that you can customize in-house, as well as fully-customized books that are ready to bind on-arrival.


These covers offer a total wrap-around solution that ensures a professional, clean, and complete look that can impress any client. The hard covers are especially presentable, ideal for your high-end users who truly want their books to stand out and make a lasting impression.


All covers have a specialty binding adhesive pre-applied in the spine that is ready-to-go. This means you don't have to mess with a heating pot of glue, a messy application, or an uneven application from one end to the other. Plus, this glue is unique in that it has a mesh strip integrated that offers unbeatable strength, gripping and holding onto every page (no matter the document thickness) from the first to the last.

Clear front, linen back softcover

Eco-friendly, clear front, linen back softcover

Linen softcover wind wondow

Custom front cover of your own paired with softcover spine/back

Print on-demand softcovers

Custom-made softcovers


Hardcover with window

Hardcover with printable front label

Custom-made hardcovers

A No-Waste Binding Solution

No Paper Waste or Dust, Fully Recyclable Covers

The eco-friendly cover options are totally recyclable as-is, so there is zero waste after your presentation is complete. They are also made from materials sourced from sustainable forests and are produced in mills that are certified for FSC, PEFC, and EFC Chain of Custody. These sustainable forests are managed ecologically with biological diversity and sustainability. The paper pulp used to process these covers is unbleached and chlorine-free.


Eliminating the punching of books and using the full sheet also means no paper pulp waste and no paper dust in your air. Less money spent cleaning and filtering your air, and more spend exactly where it should be; on the production of materials that drive revenue.

* All prices on this page are accurate based on the date this blog was published; check the individual machine pages for current pricing. Speed will depend on document size and operator variances.

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