How to Choose a Roll Laminator

September 11, 2018

Ledco Professor Roll Laminating Machine

A roll laminator uses laminating film to encapsulate documents and photos larger than you would normally be able to accomplish with a pouch laminator. Roll laminating machines are designed for high volume runs as they allow for a continuous run of product. Roll laminators are perfect for laminating posters, maps, book covers, signs, photographs, charts, and much more. They allow for high production rates, are durable and built to last, and the lamination allows applications to be wiped clean. Many roll laminators can also handle mounting documents onto mounting boards; often as thick as 1/4" boards. Roll lamination is typically used for two sided lamination, completely encapsulating your documents in a protective lamination. In two-sided lamination, a top and bottom laminating roll are mounted onto the laminating machine with the adhesive sides facing each other. When the roll laminator is turned on the rolls are uncoiled and pressed onto the document. The heat and pressure applied seals the lamination around the document, creating a protected and attractive finish. Lamination protects against spills, bending and tearing, and many films even protect against UV damage.

If roll lamination sounds like a solution you are interested in, then now is the time to start researching roll laminating machines. Having been in the industry for over 75 years, we know that this process can be tiring and stressful; there are so many laminator models and manufacturers to choose from! When you are conducting your search, keep in mind these important factors:

    • What is the maximum width you will need to laminate? Roll laminators are available as small as 12” and as large as 27”, so you will need to consider the widest item that you will be laminating. Remember that you will need to leave at least ¼” of laminate around the edges of your document.

    • Will you need to mount onto foam boards? Many roll laminators have the capability to mount, however, you will need to check the specifications of the different models if this is a feature that you will be using.

    • What is the maximum laminate thickness you will be using? Most roll laminators can laminate the maximum laminate available; 10 mil, however, it is always a good idea to double-check that your particular model will be able to handle the thickness that you will be using.

    • How much space do you have for a laminating machine? Laminating machines are floor-model machines that require a decent amount of space to be run properly. Keep your working space in mind when shopping, and remember to always ask for the machine dimensions before ordering.

    • Who will be using the laminator? Ease of use is important for many customers, especially those who will be using the laminator in environments with multiple un-trained users, such as schools or offices. If you are one of these customers, then you will want to confirm that the machine is easy to use and does not require special training to operate.

Now that you have reviewed the most important factors to keep in mind when shopping for a laminating machine, you can determine if roll lamination is the right path for your specific needs.

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