How can I make sure all my pages are securely bound in my Coverbind cover?

September 10, 2018

Coverbind Thermal Binding Covers

Q: How can I make sure all my pages are securely bound in my Coverbind cover?

A: Coverbind thermal binding covers feature a unique formulation of glue and a mesh strip that help produce the strongest form of thermal binding on the market, which is typically 4 to 5 times stronger than other comparable binding methods. But there are still some important steps that you can take while binding to ensure you get the full value and the full strength that is possible from your covers.

    • Use the cover size selector - Make sure to always use the cover size selector that is on your Coverbind thermal binding machine. This will choose the ideal cover spine size for your document based on the thickness, rather than the sheet capacity (which can vary quite a bit depending on the paper stock you bind). For example, if your cover is too small, the glue will not be able to surround each page as it should, affecting the final binding strength significantly.

    • Jog your pages first - Before you bind, you should always job your pages into a nice, square stack before you load it into the cover. This will ensure even disbursement of the glue, as well as help your finished book look cleaner and more professional.

    • If using the Accel Flex - Place your jogged document onto the heating plate and gently slide the support plate against it. This will ensure the cover stands up as straight as possible, which will allow the spine to have the most thorough contact with the heating plate along the entire length. Tap your documents lightly to help ensure each page makes good contact with the glue strip. After the heating process is done, allow the document to cool for at least 2 minutes before handling. If you are binding a thicker book, you should allow for more cooling time.

    • If using the Accel Cube, Ultra, or Ultra Plus - Jog your document and place it into the machine. These Accel thermal binding machines will automatically jog, heat, and cool your document. But follow the same cooling rule of thumb above; if you are binding thicker documents, allow additional cooling time before handling, with a minimum of 2 minutes recommended.

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