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May 10, 2018

Glue Dots International | GlueDot Cold Adhesive Products

Binding101 is proud to offer Glue Dots® -- where the brand name matches the product. They are a leader in the adhesive industry and produce some of the highest quality cold glues and adhesive for marketing, mailing, and packaging. Glue Dots adhesives are available for a variety of applications including smaller uses, (such as crafts, home improvement projects, and office uses) and industrial uses (for packaging and shipping needs). Glue Dots are a popular item for nearly all applications where it is necessary to attached two items together.

Why Buy Glue Dots? Glue Dots are most commonly used as a replacement for hot glue adhesives, such as "booger glue". Booger Glue leaves paper and other light substrates with a wet stain after being removed. The intense heat as the glue is applied can morph the substrate, creating unattractive waves and dents. Switching to Glue Dots will eliminate these problems. Another advantage to glue dots is that they do not need heat to be applied, eliminating the need for a hot glue gun. While dispensers for Glue Dots are available, they are not required for use.

Glue dots come in several application techniques...

Dot Shot Pro Handheld Glue Runners

Hobby / Dot N' Go - a handheld flue runner style applicator, most commonly used in crafting and general around-the-home and store use.

Previously called Dot N' Go, these hobby Glue Dots® dispensers offer a fast and easy solution to adhere paper and other items to each other. The convenient adhesive runner design is comfortable to hold and will apply dots of glue as you roll it along. The row of dots offers instant bonding and requires no drying time. Place a single dot, or roll it to apply multiple dots in a row.

Buy small Glue Dots® dispensers online in packs of five here.

dot shot pro adhesive applicator

Dot Shot Pro - a hand held applicator most often used by packing and marketing groups

The Dot Shot Pro adhesive applicator is used by companies in their shipping and packaging departments, marketing and advertising departments, and even throughout the office for general glue application needs. It can be used for low volume and even industrial applications, as you can load Glue Dots® rolls with up to 1,500 dots. With no dry time, and no glue mess to clean up, the Dot Shot Pro offers a fast and easy solution for adhesive application. It is a more precise solution to what is often called "booger glue" or glue spots, and doesn't require any heat...just press the glue on and it is ready to go. With several applicable Glue Dots® to choose from including different profile thicknesses, and different tack level adhesive strengths, you can use the Dot Shot Pro on a huge variety of substrates.

Buy the Dot Shot Pro here, and pair with DSP rolls here.

Econodot Adhesive Machine

Econodot - a more automated glue application solution, for higher volume business needs

The EconoDot GlueDots® dispenser offers a high-speed glue application solution for packaging facilities, retail distributors, and more. It features a unique automatic advancing function that leaves both of your operators' hands free to handle the items to be glued. This creates a fast and convenient application, with the ability to glue at speeds up to 1 dot per second. This bench top adhesive applicator machine can handle short on-demand jobs with the same speed and efficiency as it can large jobs. It dispenses single dots on a roll that allows for perfect placement with no waste and no mess. It has a fairly small design, measuring just 18 ½" W x 7" D x 10 ½" H, so can fit into work shops or offices of all kinds. The EconoDot is so easy to use, it can be done by anyone in your office or plant.

Buy the Econodot online here, and pair it with the Econodot refill rolls here.

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