Press Release: Foton 30 Laminator Launch

June 28, 2019

Press Release: Foton 30 Laminator

In May of this year, GBC and ACCO Brands announced the official global release of their innovative Foton™ 30 Laminator.

Now, I personally feel that the word "innovative" is used far too often. But in this is appropriate! The Foton 30 is the first and only affordable, automated, pouch-free, desktop laminating machine.

After four years of development and prototype release testing, the Foton 30 has finally been released to the market and is making a huge splash. This automated laminating machine re-defines what it means to laminate, creating a whole new category of lamination equipment, and pairing well in nearly any environment.

Boris Elisman, Chairman, President and CEO of ACCO Brands Corporation, shares " We recognized the consumer pain point in difficulty with [pouch] laminating numerous pieces, and looked to solve it in an innovative and economical way."

And boy, did they! The GBC Foton 30 is the easiest laminator to use that I have ever seen, and is also the fastest. Not necessarily in the laminating process itself, with with all of the automated functions that give you the time to just set up, hit "run", and walk away while it does all the work.

  • • Automatic Feed Tray - Place up to 30 pages on the tray and the Foton 30 automatically grabs and feeds them so you can load and walk away.
  • • Pouch-Free Laminating - An easy-load cartridge means no fumbling with pouches or rolls.
  • • Automatic Winding - The Foton 30 automatically preps the cartridge once inserted and the lid closed; no film threading is necessary.
  • • Automatic Trimming - Trimming between each page is automatic.
  • • Automated Skew Correction - For a perfectly fed and aligned page.
  • • Time-Efficient - The automated features on this machine are proven to save users an incredibly 98% of time over the manual alternatives.
  • • Cost-Effective - The Foton 30 is incredibly affordable, at a price point that is much lower than most roll laminators.

Personally, I find laminating quite fun. But when I have to do hundreds of sheets at a time, it because far less fun and far more tedious. The Foton 30 eliminates the issue, and gives me the joy have the beautifully finished laminated pages, without any hassle of inserting pages into pouches, running pouches through one-by-one, and catching them as they come out.

Prototype testing was completed with various industries to see how it would fit into corporate, education, and other environments; and each of the consumers revealed overwhelmingly positive results.

    Jack C., site manager at Zebra Technologies for Ricoh shared, "I generally avoid lamination jobs like the plague because laminating has the most lead time and the most human involvement. My experience with the Foton 30 was the first time that I embraced laminating jobs. The machine was very intuitive, very easy to use, and well-designed. In my industry time savers are extremely valuable, and when a new piece of equipment comes around like the Foton 30, it’s a very valuable asset to have in your arsenal."

    Randi D., administrative assistant at Century Tile, laminates hundreds of pages on a daily bases, is impressed with the speed, sharing, "I finished my first job with the Foton 30 in one day, when it would normally take me three days with other lamination machines. It’s an amazing machine that’s small in size, fast and accurate. I think it’s perfect."

    Colleen H., an educational administrator expresses her thoughts on laminating before ever using the Foton 30, saying, "When I think of lamination I think, 'I love it, I wish it was easier'." After her first trial with the machine, she shared, "My first experience with the Foton 30 was heaven. It is so easy to use, and I'm not super tech-savvy, so I appreciate that. I don't have to sit and babysit it; I can go do the jobs I had planned for the day knowing nothing is going to go wrong, come back and the job is complete. That's priceless."

This new lamination machine is truly a revelation for any industry that uses laminate!

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