Foamwerks Foam Board Cutters: The Perfect Tools for Custom Cutting Mounting Boards

May 3, 2018

FoamWerks™ Foam Board Cutters are essential tools for every graphics studio and sign making workshop. These hand-held cutters are designed to cut several different kinds of graphic mounting boards as thick as ½”. When using the FoamWerks™ Foam Board Cutters, it is important to use a scrap piece of foam board underneath the piece you are cutting to protect the tool blade and extend the life of the cutter. You may also use a self-healing cutting mat if additional boards are not available. Below you will find the four different FoamWerks™ hand-held Foam Board Cutters available. Read through the descriptions to learn exactly why these tools are so essential in the graphic industry, and why no graphic studio should be without them.

FoamWerks™ Foam Board Straight & Bevel Cutter

The Model WC-6010 FoamWerks™ Foam Board Cutter is a straight blade & bevel cutter. It combines economy and versatility in one easy-to use tool. Simply rotate the angled base block to transform the FoamWerks™ Foam Board Cutter from a straight cutter to a bevel cutter. Features include adjustable blade depth, ergonomic handle and on-board blade storage. The Straight/Bevel Cutter includes two blades and can be used with any suitable straight edge to ensure a perfect cut/bevel.

FoamWerks™ Foam Board Freestyle Cutter

Cut freeform shapes with the FoamWerks™ WB-6020 Foam Board Cutter; an innovative push-style cutter. Easy to use, just insert the blade into the board and push to follow the desired shape. The FoamWerks™ Freestyle Cutter features an ergonomic handle, on-board blade storage compartment, blade safety shield and two blades.

FoamWerks™ Foam Board Circle Cutter

Cut perfect circles from 1" to 6" in diameter with the FoamWerks™ WA-8001 Foam Board Circle Cutter. The center depth indicator shows the blade progression for board depths from 1/8" to 1/2" thick, so you can see exactly what is being cut. This Circle Cutter features a dual inch and metric rail, centering pin for perfect alignment, magnetic blade slot for storage and clear acrylic safety dome to ensure no accidents occur. The circle cutter includes five blades with purchase, so it will last! To use the Foamwerks™ Foamboard Circle Cutter, simply place your Foamwerks™ Circle Cutter on your foam board and brace with one hand. Be sure to have a scrap piece of foam board or a self-healing cutting mat underneath your work. Use your other hand to rotate the handle clockwise. This spins the blade in a circle, creating the desired cut.

FoamWerks™ Foam Board V-Groove Cutter

Cut foam board V-grooves to perfection using the FoamWerks WC-2001 Foamboard V-Groove Cutter. It features adjustable blade depth, quick change blade clips, magnetic blade slot, an on-board blade storage drawer and five blades for longevity. This cutter can be partnered with the FoamWerks™ Channel Rail, Logan Adapt-A-Rule or Team System.

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