Easter Fun with Binding101

March 30, 2020

Easter Fun with Binding101

If you are looking for something new and fun to do with the family this Easter, consider making themed laminated printables, foil cards, and other crafts that can bring a new sense of joy and excitement to the whole group! These laminator kids crafts are easy, affordable, and incredibly fun! We've got you covered this holiday season and beyond.

Courtesy of Fellowes, you can download free Easter printables here and pair them with the incredibly affordable Fellowes C-95 Laminator Kit. This starter pack has the laminator itself, popular among home users and crafter for years, as well as 50 free lamination pouches. So all you need are the printables and you're ready to go!

Fellowes C-95 Pouch Laminator Starter Kit with 50 Free Pouches

Pin the tail on the bunny is a fun option! To make, just print the printable from the link above and laminate the pieces. Then just put some double sided tape or removable craft Glue Dots on the back of the tails to start the fun! There are two different pin the tail on the Easter bunny designs available from Fellowes, or you can make your own with whatever program you prefer.

Alternatively, you could also print some basic coloring pages for your kids (or you; we don't judge and we love ourselves an adult coloring book!). Fellows does have some printable coloring book pages on their link, but you can also easily find designs online of all kinds. Just search in Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go, or your preferred search engine for something like "Easter coloring pages for printing". Use them as single sheets, or make them into an actual flipable book using binding rings, a little comb binder, pro click spines, or anything else you like.

Another fun craft for the holidays is to print and laminate decorations themed for your home. You can make your own, or use the bunny ears, face and bow tie from the download link above. You can print Easter eggs, bunny rabbits, or anything else you would like!

Want a laminating craft that's a little bit different? Try printing a blank coloring page and then laminating it before coloring it. Then have your kids use dry-erase markers to color, so they can erase and re-color as many times as they would like. Or laminate family photos and let your kids dry erase color on those, making silly faces, adding hats and mustaches, and more.

Consider making an Easter Bingo sheet! Create a grid and place a themed image in each box. Then make little cards with each of the same images and place those into a hat or bucket. Give each player a laminated grid and start drawing images from the hat until someone gets Easter Bingo!

One final idea: Make sun catchers and place in your windows! Just laminate a colored sheet or design, punch a hole in the top with a single hole punch, and tape to the window. When the sun shines through your paper, the colors will come alive!

Have you made these, or some other, Easter craft that you want to share? Email us at info@buy101.com and we may share your creations!

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