What is the Easiest Way to Bind Thick Documents?

April 5, 2018

Steel Screw Posts | Chicago Screws | Binding Posts

The easiest way to bind documents (especially thick documents) is with steel screws posts, bar none! These simple binding posts just slide into any punched hole, and screw together. They can easily be unscrewed and screwed back together to edit or expand your document. They come in a huge selection of sizes up to 2" thick, and the optional extensions can be added to expand the capacity even further.

Some customers use them to bind 5" thick books, and even up to 7" or more! They are made of a premium zinc coated steel, so are incredibly durable and strong. Their silver appearance is classic, and looks great on any bound document. Plus, they feature cross slotting to allow for either flat-head or Phillips head screwdrivers (though you can easily screw them by hand). The small sizes (1/4" and 3/8") feature a hole on the female head, which allows the male end to bind deeper into the short post, for a strong hold.

Steel screw posts are different than other Chicago screws...they feature threading all the way through the post, which allows for a tighter and more secure hold to prevent unintentional de-binding. That, combined with the zinc coated steel manufacturing, makes these the most durable binding posts on the market.

Learn how to bind thick documents in this steel screw post video.

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