Customer Spotlight: Faith Grace Crafts

February 22, 2019

Faith Grace Crafts | Doni Hall - Crafter, Planner, Sticker Maker

Ever wanted to make DIY foiled stickers? Now you can!

We are so excited to share with you a bit about Doni Hall, a crafter, scrapbooker, and planner in Tennessee who uses our toner reactive foils to make absolutely STUNNING stickers!

If I can be brutally honest for a moment, I must confess that making stickers isn't the primary use for these foils...we didn't even know that this was such a popular application! So to see the fun and festive stickers that Doni uses in her planners and crafts is quite exciting for us! And exciting for Doni too, who says "I love the metallics and especially the holographics! They add so much excitement and sparkle to our weeks!"

Originally from Texas, Doni has retired and escaped into the mountains...something many of of dream of (something I personally dream of, that's for sure). She says that her love for stickers started as a little girl when her grandmother would give her books of stickers; I think many of us have similar memories. Years ago when scrapbooking was the way to craft, she was in the game, and since then, she has morphed her craft into planning. As a Type A personality myself, I LOVE planning too! Doni describes planning as "a glorified calendar that is decorated". And I would add to that, "...with pizzazz and flare! Something that makes you happy when you look at it". Doni says, "when those gorgeous foils are used to make gorgeous shiny stickers, I can't get enough!!"

Ok, ok, I should get on with it, right? Let's show off some of Doni's creations...

Doni's Foil Sticker Creations

Silver DIY Foil Stickers by Doni Hall Faith Grace Crafts

Rose Gold DIY Foil Stickers by Doni Hall Faith Grace Crafts

DIY Planner with Foil Stickers by Doni Hall Faith Grace Crafts

Gold + Silver DIY Foil Stickers by Doni Hall Faith Grace Crafts

Amazing,right?! How does she do it?

Well you're in luck, because Doni loves to share her how-to's on her YouTube channel so you can learn how to make stickers like these. Here are the two different foil sticker making techniques she uses, and below that, her how-to video:

"Method 1) I start with a color background page that I print with my inkjet printer on sticker paper (I like removable sticker paper from Online Labels best). On top of the original color, I run the page through my laser printer to print a black toner print that I want to foil. I have found images that I want to turn into stickers, so making lots of each shape for one page gives me a whole page of foiled stickers. Making numerous copies of different colored backgrounds lets me make any number of pages in different color backgrounds, and different color foils! Then I cut them with my Silhouette."

"Method 2) The other method is to use a Digital Kit or Digital downloads I've found to purchase online. Many shops offer these stickers ready to be foiled, or "Foil Ready". I have tons! All you do is download the file, unzip, then print the page (some have color background pages that would need to be printed on an Inkjet first). Again, to print the part to be foiled, a laser printer using toner must be used to allow the foil to adhere to it in a high temperature setting. I use the Minc machine to heat the foil to the toner (some people have good success with a foil laminator). Last, I run the sheet of foiled prints through my Silhouette machine to cut. Hand cutting is also possible."

Here is what Doni had to say about the sticker making process:

"I use a Silhouette Cameo for my cutting machine, making pages of stickers ready to use in a matter of minutes. But to foil those pages, I use a Minc Machine. It gives an even, smooth, covered adhesion to my stickers, and the foils are easy to use with this method. Having the foils ready to use, and in such easy to use rolls, makes the process easy and fun. I originally purchased Holographic foils in Silver Sparkle and Shattered Glass (WITH the silver underlay for the stickers!), along with the Light Pink and the Purple. I then bought the Dark Red, Dark Blue, and MORE Light Pink! All of the foils are lovely! But the Light Pink is my favorite! It's fun to shop on your website because y'all make the process easy. I can view each color, and even watch videos you've made to give me ideas and excellent information."

Contact Doni

At this time, Doni doesn't sell the stickers that she makes. But she loves to share all of her creations with you online, so be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel and follow @faithgracecrafts on Instagram.

Had enough yet? NO!? Us let's finish up this customer spotlight with a couple more of Doni's sticker craft photos - enjoy!

DIY Foil Stickers for Planners by Doni Hall Faith Grace Crafts

DIY Foil Stickers for Planners by Doni Hall Faith Grace Crafts

DIY Foil Stickers for Planners by Doni Hall Faith Grace Crafts

DIY Foil Stickers for Planners by Doni Hall Faith Grace Crafts

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