Crème de la Crème: The Best Way to Bind...period!

October 29, 2018

So you LOOOVE binding...well, you love the finished look of a bound book, right? The professionalism and the fun pairing with unique covers and contents. But the actual binding process itself....ehhh, it can be fun if you don't have to do it too often, I suppose. But overall, it takes quite a bit of time to punch and bind a single book., and you have to punch stack after stack, pulling that handle, and fumbling with a flexible loose binding strip. But now there is a way to completely eliminate the time and hassle associated with a punch-and-bind method, while producing a more professional looking book.

Introducing Coverbind Thermal Binding....the crème de la crème of the document binding industry.

With Coverbind you don't have to spend the time hassling with punching or binding your materials. It completely eliminates the tedious task of pulling that handle to punch sheets over and over, and then binding those pages together. Binding has literally never been this simple.

The proof is in the pudding, so check out this video showing just how FAST and just how EASY using a Coverbind thermal binding machine is:

Pretty cool, right? And to top off the easy process, you get a really gorgeous and professional finished bound book that is strong and looks way more expensive than it really is. In fact, there is quite a range of Coverbind thermal binding covers that will work with these machines, making this line of thermal binding equipment far more versatile than any other binding machine on the market. Let me explain...

Your coil binding machine works with coil binding spines. That is the only binding style it can produce. The same goes for your wire-o and comb binders. But with Coverbind, you can make solid linen covers, windowed linen covers, solid hard cover, windowed hard covers, custom printed hard covers, and even pair some with your own custom cover sheet, making the opportunities for the finished look truly endless! Plus, the spines are never bulky or thick, making them easier to carry and store.

Just take a peek at this video quickly showing you the popular Coverbind cover options available:

So are you convinced yet that Coverbind is truly the crème de la crème...the best of the best binding machines out there?

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