Ready...set...BATTLE! Watch as we compare traditional Punch-and-Bind to Coverbind to see who will win!

January 10, 2019

If you're tired of wasting time punching page after page, only to have to hassle with a loose binding spine to get it through those holes, and properly close it so it looks neat, all just to repeat the process over and over again to make several books, then check out COVERBIND instead!

Sorry for the run-on sentence...but sometimes the punch-and-bind process can be so long and tedious, not to mention tiring and costly (with so much time AKA labor needed) that it stresses us out! As you can see in this side-by-side comparison of Wire-O binding and Coverbind thermal binding, there is no competition on which method is the fastest and easiest option.

Coverbind thermal binding is so simple and safe that anyone can do it! Just place your pages into the Coverbind thermal binding covers of your choice and then place the covers spine-side-down and in a batch onto the heating plate of your machine. It automatically heats the covers, activating the pre-applied binding glue in the spine and pulling your pages into the cover for a strong finish. In as little as 1 document per second (depending on your document thickness and the Coverbind machine you are using) you have finished books that are incredibly professional and clean.

And the thermal binding covers are available in so many different styles, including both soft and hard covers, that you can make nearly any kind of presentation you need! There are even options that allow you to print and use your own custom printed covers without needing any specialized equipment.

Coverbind is so inexpensive and fast to operate, that you can use it for single presentation binding or large batches with hundreds of books. But you would never know that you're saving so much money when you get a look at the professionalism of the finished piece. The covers look and feel expensive, and are sure to impress!

Don’t get us wrong...every kind of document binding style out there has it’s place in the industry; it is all just dependent on your individual business’ needs, and what aspects of binding are most important to you, as well as your budget and the desired finished look. But Coverbind thermal binding is definitely at the top of the list as one of the most desired, most professional, and the best kind of binding on the market!

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