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September 18, 2018

Select sizes, colors, and binding styles are on MAJOR clearance at! We have screaming deals on all your favorite document binding supplies, including spiral binding plastic coils, wire-o twin loop bindings, plastic GBC comb bind spines, Spiral-O wires, velo binding strips, screw posts (binding posts / Chicago screws), fastback tape binding strips, document binding report covers, and more! These discounts are huge, some even more than 80% off our already low prices that are almost always below retail suggested pricing. Stop paying full price for your binding our entire selection of clearance binding supplies by clicking the links below.

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Spiral Coil Clearance
Spiral binding coils, also called coil binders or plastic coils, are flexible, affordable, and versatile! They roll in through your punched holes and are crimped in on the ends.

Plastic Comb Clearance
Plastic comb binding, also called GBC comb binding, allows for easy editing of your documents after they are bound. They can also be custom printed on.

Wire-O Clearance
Wire-O binding, also called twin loop or double loop, is professional, clean, and allows your books to turn all the way around back-to-back.

Spiral-O Clearance
Spiral-O wire has the traditional wire-o double looped look, but has a wider spacing so it fits with the plastic comb punching pattern.

Velo Bind Clearance
Velo binding strips are melted together and used primarily in the legal industry to bind contracts, briefs, and other sensitive documents that need a tamper-proof bind.

Screw Post Clearance
Also called binding posts or Chicago screws, screw posts are an easy, inexpensive, and versatile way to bind books up to 5" thick (and more!).

Fastback Tape Bind Clearance
Fastback is the industry leader in tape binding, which uses a heat-activated adhesive fabric strip that is applied to the spine of your book.

Binding Cover Clearance
Report covers come in a huge selection of materials and colors, including our most popular vinyl back covers and clear acetate front covers.

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