Best Thermal Binding Machines for Small Offices

April 5, 2021

Best Thermal Binding Machines for Small Offices

When it comes to binding together pages, reports, presentations, or any other kinds of documents for your small business, you basically have two choices: send your files to a local print shop to print and bind for you, costing upwards of $10 per book, or buy a big, bulky, plastic binding machine that requires setup, training, and quite a bit of time punching and binding.


But what if we told you that there was a different solution? Something that was fast, easy as pie, and completely affordable, even for the most strict small business budgets?

Enter: The Accel Flex

This compact unit costs less than $200, speeds up document binding 10-fold, requires no complicated setup, has zero waste, and gives you total control over how many books to bind! It is a powerful, compact, and attractive binding machine that fits perfectly into any office environment. If your office needs to bind higher volumes of books in bulk from time to time or needs to make a single document for a client presentation, the Coverbind Accel Flex thermal binding machine can get the job done with low production and labor costs.


Sound too good to be true? Let us explain...

An Easy Binding Solution

The Accel Flex is a tabletop thermal binding machine that is incredibly easy to use! There are no machine settings that you have to set up or adjust for different size pages or book sizes. All you have to do is place your pages and thermal cover into the top of the unit and press the gray bar to fit the book. You don't even have to press start, it automatically activates once your document is set down! In only 1 minute (yep, one single minute) the binding is done and you can place it onto the cooling rack to finish curing.


Plus, (bonus!!!) you can actually fit as many books as you can into the binding sleeve; meaning that if your documents are only 15 sheets, you can fit several covers/books into the unit to bind simultaneously, potentially increasing your speed-of-bind even more drastically.

If you have ever bound a document before with one of the more traditional methods, like plastic comb or wire, then you understand that a single document can take 5 minutes or more. You need to set up the page guides and alignments for your sheet size, then you need to punch the pages --and, depending on how thick your book is and how many pages the machine can punch at once, this is likely the most time-consuming part--, then you need to bind the pages together with a loose spine. These methods are fine (in fact, we love them all for different reasons) but the ease-of-use and the elimination of anything complicated from the Accel Flex system make it the ideal binding machine for small businesses.


Simple instructions are printed on the front of the machine, so anyone in your office can walk up to the machine and immediately know how to use it so they can make their own on-demand presentations, one or 50 at a time. It also comes with a cooling rack that has guides to help you choose the ideal cover spine size for your pages; just glide your pages into the slits on the cooling rack and read the diagram to see what cover size you should use for the best results.

A Faster Way to Bind

In the time it takes to make one wire-bound book, you can make 10+ Coverbind thermal-bound books.


Punch-and-bind solutions have their place in the market, but if we consider a speed comparison of any punch and bind option and put it side-by-side with the Accel Flex...well, there is no question the Flex would blow them out of the water. That's because they've completely simplified the process to eliminate excess time-wasting. This was actually a primary goal of Coverbind when they manufactured this machine. They considered just how bust a small business can be, and that they don't have a lot of excess time that can be spend binding books for presentations (nor do they have a big budget to allow for constant outsourcing). And, can we just say, we think they have done a beautiful job meeting these goals.


The Accel Flex has a one-minute binding cycle. This means that the cover only needs to sit on the heat plate for 60 seconds to melt the adhesive properly and pull-in the pages to the glue. Then the covers can be placed into the cooling rack. Time on the rack will depend on the book thickness, but we recommend another 60 seconds or so to allow the glue to completely harden/cure to your pages. And while those books are cooling, you can continue binding the next set in the Flex, so there really isn't any downtime.

So if you're in the market for a fast, simple, and affordable binding machine for your small business, consider the Accel Flex from Coverbind. It has prooven itself in the market as a stand-out machine that can beat the competition when it comes to speed, price per book, and finished look.

* All prices on this page are accurate based on the date this blog was published; check the individual machine pages for current pricing.

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