Best Paper Folders for Churches

March 19, 2019

As a church or non-profit, one of your goals is to make information accessible, without costing the church much money that could otherwise be spent on more pressing matters. But perhaps you print and fold your own bulletins and brochures yourself with the help of your group, and are feeling tired or worn out from hand-folding so many sheets weekly or more. This is why we've put together this short list of the best paper folders for churches. They are functional, affordable, and don't take up too much room, making them perfect for most local churches or small organizations and offices.

RapidFold P7400
RapidFold P7400 Paper Folder

This small paper folding machine is perfect for a church or other small office that may need to fold many sheets weekly. It is affordable, but still greatly increasing your folding output over hand folder (as well as eliminating the strain associated with hand folding). The Rapid Fold P7400 will create accurate folding for whatever your needs may be. If you're creating music booklets, just use the half fold. Or if you're making brochures, use the tri-fold or z-fold. Those, plus a double parallel option make is fast and easy to set up the machine for your job. To set your fold, make sure the machine is not plugged in. Then remove the cover and loosen the knobs on the folding plates. Move them to the size you need using the guide, and tighten them back into place. Replace the cover, and you're done!

To use the Rapid Fold P7400, just place your paper into the top feed and press start. Inspect your first few sheets for accuracy, and then you can walk away while it folds your stack. You can place up to approximately 50 sheets* in the feed tray, and the P7400 will fold them at up to about 66 sheets per minute, depending on the fold type. That means that it can fold your entire stack in less than 1 minute. The machine will automatically stop when there is no more paper to fold, and it will detect any jams that may occur and pause the folding until you are able to remove the jam.

In addition to the single-sheet folding, you can also use the manual bypass opening for up to 3 stapled pages*. The maximum thickness for your paper stock recommended is a 28 lb. bond, and this model is meant for non-coated papers.

The Rapid Fold P7400 paper folder has an improved exit and stacking feature over it's "younger brother" (the P7200) so your folded pages are neatly placed in a stack. The stack holder hangs over the front of your table, allowing for more capacity of pages without taking up a bunch of space on your worktable. It is a great value buy with the combination of the price and ideal features for small-office use.

1501X CV-7 AutoFolder
RapidFold P7400 Paper Folder

This 1501X Auto Folder CV-7 is another great choice for automatic folding of pages for your church. It is a bit faster than the other, and can fold your sheets at speeds up to about 125 per minute, depending on the fold style and paper size. The AutoFolder has five pre-set fold styles including letter fold, half fold, z-fold, brochure, and double-parallel. With the ability to also set custom folds by just adjusting the fold plate bars, you can also achieve any number of other configurations you may need.

To use this simple paper folding machine, just fan your stack of paper to help separate the pages, then load the stack into the paper feed. Then press the rocker switch to the "on" position for automatic folding, or a quick on/off for manual bypass folding. The manual bypass allows for staples sets with up to 3 sheets. The paper will eject folded from the front of the machine, and land in the stacker to make stacking your sheets easier.

This compact, fast paper folder can help your church office spend less time manual folding, and more time with other tasks or events. It will easily fold non-coated paper stock up to 28 lb. bond, and allows for folding of sheets as small as 3.5" x 5.5" up to legal size 8.5" x 14".

1611 Ease-Of-Use Folder
RapidFold P7400 Paper Folder

The Martin Yale 1611 Ease-Of-Use paper folder is meant to be just that...easy to use. It has a sleet tabletop design that doesn't have any hangover catch bucket, which some users prefer. Instead, folded pages are exited on a conveyor and you can place a tray or shallow box to catch them. The 1611 folding machine is faster than the others, with the ability to fold up to about 150 sheets per minute, which equals out to about 9,000 sheets per hour, depending on the fold style and sheet size. Six pre-set fold types with an easy guide table show you exactly where to set your fold blocks for the various folds you may want to create. This guide includes instructions for folding styles including letter fold, half fold, z-fold, double parallel, and right angle.

To use the 1611, just place a stack of paper into the feed tray. Depending on the paper stock, you can place as many as about 150 sheets at a time. Then tilt the tray down by lifting up. Adjust the paper guide to fit snug to the edge of your sheets. Choose the fold style you want from the guide, and adjust the folding blocks according to the guide. They just press the start button. It is always recommended you start with just a couple sheets to inspect for accuracy, and then insert your full stack and begin the job.

Designed to look like other office machinery, the Martin Yale 1611 Autofolder is the perfect fit for your front office or internal workroom. It's speed and simple controls make it incredibly easy for users of any level to use. It will work for paper sizes from 3.5" x 5" up to legal size 8.5" x 14". It is rated to handle up to about 70 lb. index paper that is uncoated, and can fold single sheets at a time, or stapled sets with up to 5 sheets through the manual bypass.

* Based on basic 20# bond copy paper. May vary depending on paper stock as well as sheet size and fold type.

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