Are Binding Wires Prop 65 Compliant?

October 17, 2018

California Prop 65 Banner | Your Right to Know

YES! We are happy to announce that all of our binding wires at Binding101 are compliant with the new Proposition 65 standards, as set forth by the California government.

This means that twin loop wire bindings from do not contain any of the over 850 toxic chemicals indicated in the proposition as known to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity.

This proposition first went into effect in 1988 saying that businesses needed to state that their product had these chemicals present, however, recent changes have been pushed in 2018 for these businesses to actually identify the chemicals and provide specific information about how a person may be exposed, as well as how to reduce or eliminate their exposure.

But when you buy your wire binding supplies from Binding101, you can rest easy knowing that they do not contain any chemicals known to cause harm. This makes them especially safe for use of all kinds, even within schools. Why risk buying wire bindings from somewhere else where the chemicals that may be dangerous?

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or click here for more information on California Proposition 65 from the government website (opens in new tab)

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