An In-Depth Look at the Megabind Plastic Comb Binding Machine

August 3, 2018

Megabind M Manual GBC Comb Binding Machine

Plastic Comb binding machines are available from low volume personal models, to high production heavy duty comb binding machines. There is such a wide variety of machines to choose from that shopping can be frustrating; why can’t someone just make it simple? Well, has done the homework for you by providing in-depth product reviews on our most popular products to help you make an educated decision.

First, let’s do a quick review the plastic comb binding method as a whole, to ensure that this is the binding method you will need.

Plastic comb binding is a traditional, economical, and simple binding method that can be done without training. The binding spines, called plastic combs / GBC combs, are made of PVC plastic and consist of a spine of round rings that spread open for sheet inserting. The rings fit into rectangular holes along a binding edge, and a standard 11” binding edge contains 19 holes. Plastic comb binding is often called GBC plastic binding, and is the ideal solution for those who need to save money, as well as those who will be binding books that may need frequent editing. Because the plastic combs can simply be opened and closed, multiple times, editing your book is easy.

In addition, plastic combs are great for consumers who need to customize the binding spine with printing, as our printing department can customize with printing, and even foil stamp. Additional and custom lengths are available. With plastic binding combs you can document bind up to 2" thick, and the binding spines are quite inexpensive and affordable. Some disadvantages with binding with plastic comb include that there are fewer standard colors that with some other binding methods and that pages cannot be turned a full 360 degrees.

Now, onto your Megabind M product review...

Akiles Megabind M Binding Machine Features

With their high quality metal construction and ease of usability, Akiles Products is one of the most famed binding machine manufacturers in the world. The Akiles Megabind 1M Manual Comb Binding Machine is perfect for mid-volume usage in the office.

It has a binding capacity from of up to 2", and features easily disengageable punch pins. The maximum binding edge is 14" and features 24 holes for accommodating up to legal sized paper. In addition, the punching throat is open ended, so you can even punch and bind sheets longer than legal size by simply punching your pages once, flipping them over, and punching them again.

The Megabind Comb Binder is fairly lightweight and portable, and features a double handle system that allows you to punch and bind simultaneously or independently. It will punch through a total of about 20 sheets (of 20 pound paper) in just one pass, allowing for fewer punches to get your book bound. The Megabind has a punching speed of up to 5,000 sheets per hour, or about 250 books per hour.

In addition to these great features, the Akiles Megabind Manual Comb Binding Machine features a diameter guide to help you select the correct comb size based on the thickness of your book, and a margin depth guide, letting you choose between three settings of margin depth.

The Megabind measures about 12.5” x 16.5” x 10” unpacked, and weighs about 30 lbs. Its size and weight make it fairly easy to transport to multiple locations, however, there is always the option to place the Megabind on a mobile binding station to make it even easier. We are so confident in the Akiles Megabind Comb Binder that it comes standard with a one year manufacturer's warranty, one of the best warranties in the market.

Although a manual machine, the Akiles Megabind Comb Binding Machine fits well in a small to medium sized office to be used for proposals, reports, calendars, and more. With its metal construction by one of the most renowned binding machine manufacturers, the Megabind is proven to be an extremely durable and dependable unit.

If you have any questions about this mid-sized GBC comb binding machine by Akiles and Binding101, give us a call at (866) 537-2244, click that live chat button on your screen, or send us an email to We're here to help.

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