5 Best Report Covers for Business Presentations

March 17, 2021

5 Best Report Covers for Business Presentations

When it comes to creating a proper business presentation, you need three things.

  1. Professionalism
  2. Easy Binding
  3. Fast Finishing


We've been binding presentations for over 80 years in our industry, and we have tried EVERYTHING out there so now you don't have to! Comb (no pun intended) through the mess of report covers and binding spines and set yourself on a simple, quick, and professional solution instead. All of these binding cover options offer these three important factors and can help you step up your presentation game. No more wasting time at the punching system, hassling with settings to ensure every hole is perfectly aligned, or rolling-in coils through hundreds of holes, catching on (what seems like) every other one. These are the five BEST report covers for business presentations.

1. "Agility" Side-Staple Covers

First up are the Agility covers from Coverbind. These unique wrap-around covers are incredibly simple to use, fast to make, allow for complete customization, and let you make a true impact at your meeting. They are great for smaller presentations of around 20 pages (10 sheets) and come in a few different colors to match well with most companies. They can also be used in schools and for tax documents.

Why They're Great:

  • 80# Thick linen backing and spine
  • Clear 7 mil thick front cover to show your cover page through
  • Holds up to around 10 sheets
  • Choose from white, black, or navy blue linen backing/spine
  • Easy side-staple binding in a more professional finish than ever; no machine, no complicated alignment, no hassle
  • Cut-out tabs for staples
  • Eco-friendly, completely recyclable options available
  • Custom foil stamping is available upon request for added branding opportunities; call (866)537-2244 for a custom agility cover quote

How to Use:

  1. Print the pages you wish to bind using any paper stock or printer of your choice. Design the first page to be visible through the front cover.
  2. Place your printed sheets into the cover and jog them straight by tapping them on a table.
  3. Staple your covers and pages together on the cut-out tabs on the spine.

2. "Pinchbook" No-Machine Hard Covers

When you truly need to exude excellence for that top-end client presentation, then there is truly no better option than a hardcover. In the past, hardcover presentations were very expensive to buy from a print shop or required industrial machinery to bind in-house. But Pinchbooks are incredibly unique! They actually allow you to make these premium presentation materials without any special equipment and for only a couple of bucks a cover.

Don't risk harming your client relationship with a cheap alternative, and don't over-spend. Make on-demand, premium, professional hard cover reports in a snap with Pinchbooks instead.

Why They're Great:

  • Patented spine "pinches" your pages with a strong bind
  • Completely editable; fix an error or re-use the covers for multiple meetings
  • Huge collection of sizes to choose from for standard and unique size presentations; choose from portrait, landscape, or square
  • Make premium hardcover reports in 5-seconds
  • Requires no machine or big investment
  • Affordable solution for important clients
  • Premium selection of colors (black, red, tan, blue, and more)
  • Some covers have windows on the front so you can show a title page; some are solid
  • Holds up to about 35 sheets of paper for medium-size presentations

How to Use:

  1. Open the cover all the way to release the patented spine
  2. Insert your pages and jog to the tab at the bottom
  3. Close the covers

3. Thermal Bound Hardcovers & Softcovers

Thermal binding is nothing new; it has been around for decades. So you probably already know about it. But you likely haven't heard about the new thermal binding: Coverbind. This impressive manufacturer has produced the only automated thermal systems on the market to truly speed up your presentation binding needs when making higher volumes of books... or smaller volumes too, because they are simple, fast, inexpensive to run, and require no special training or hassle with punching.

Their covers are versatile, avalable in both hard and soft options, with linen or clear fronts, with windows or solid, and in a huge variety of spine sizes to handle both small and large presentation requirements. Plus the adhesive element in these covers has been massively improved to create one of the strongest binds on the market, with an interlaced mesh strip and specially-formulated binding glue to grab each page with a strong hold.

Why They're Great:

  • Huge variety of soft and hardcover options
  • Fast, effective binding as quickly as 1-second per book
  • Strong bind that holds every page, from the first to the last
  • Customizable options for premium finishing that you can print in-house
  • Machines for low to industrial-volume available
  • Cost-effective, premium presentations are easy as pie
  • Covers wrap around your document for a front, spine, and back finish

How to Use:

  1. Place your pages into the desired cover
  2. Place cover into machine
  3. (Depending on the machine used) move the cover to the cooling rack

4. Strip-Bound Reports

Strip binding, or tape binding, is another option that has been around for quite some time. But this report binding method is still a stand-out when it comes to a professional, easy, and fast document bindery option. It is a form of thermal binding, but instead of a full cover it actually just uses a strip spine that is applied to your pages. This method means that your pages are totally visible, so you have a customization opportunity for that first and last page (which is a unique feature). They are also very flat and allow for lay-flat binding, which makes them easy to flip-through and read from cover to cover.

Why They're Great:

  • Bind thin and thick presentations
  • Incredibly fast document binding
  • Strong bind that holds every page, from the first to the last
  • Personalize the front and back covers for branding opportunities
  • Simple solution requires no training or punching
  • Cost-effective presentations

How to Use:

  1. Place your pages into the machine
  2. Insert the recommended strip width for your document size
  3. Move the cover to the cooling rack

5. Binding Posts

There is nothing better for those extra thick proposals and presentation materials than a simple screw post. Also called Chicago screws, these binding posts are the most versatile option out there, which is why they are a top-choice for binding reports. They offer a minimal look so you can customize your front and back pages, and they are easy to edit as often as you need. Just unscrew the posts and replace pages with errors, add new documents, or use on an entirely new document altogether.

Why They're Great:

  • Pair with your 3-hole punch (or any hole-configuration you want)
  • Easy to bind; just place through your punched holes and screw the pair together
  • There is no chance of any pages falling out; every sheet is bound firmly
  • Personalize the front and back covers for branding opportunities
  • No special or expensive equipment
  • Cost-effective presentations
  • The minimal look is modern and clean
  • Can be expanded with extension pieces if the document grows

How to Use:

  1. Punch your pages; most customers choose a 3-hole punch for letter-size documents
  2. Place the long posts through each of the holes
  3. Screw-on the shorter screw posts

We hope this document-binding blog has been helpful for you and your business. Whether you are making presentations for clients, binding proposals for hopeful customers, or anything else, an easy, fast, and professional bound book that you can accomplish on-demand and in-house is a smart choice.


Please note that all prices on this page are accurate based on the date this blog was published using the least expensive option; check the individual machine pages for current pricing on various selection choices. Sheet capacities listed are based on standard copy paper and will vary depending on stock use.

For more information or a quote, call us at (866) 537-2244 (866) 537-2244 or email info@buy101.com

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