3 Great Ways to Make a Book Without Punching

April 23, 2018

Happy World Book Day | April 23

World Book Day is April 23rd, and we're celebrating by sharing the 3 easiest ways to make books, without the hassle of punching and binding. They're perfect for high end presentations, photo books, business reports, financial planning, and a ton of other professional book binding needs. But first, a quick history about this holiday.

World Book Day was celebrated for the first time in 1995, and was originally organized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, Cultural organization (UNESCO) as a way to promote the importance and benefits of reading, publishing, and copyright. The original idea originated in Spain as a way to honor Miguel de Cervantes, a well-known author who passed away on April 23rd. This date is also an anniversary of the death of William Shakespear and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, as well as the birth and death dates of several other prominent authors.

Now, onto 3 great ways to make books without punching...

Pinchbooks | DIY Hard Covers | No Machine Required

Pinchbook™ Hard Covers

Pinchbook™ hard covers are a completely unique product that let you DIY hard cover books (like photo books, premium presentations, from the comfort of your home, without any special equipment or glue mess.

Pinchbook Instructions:
① Open the covers to open the spine clamp
② Insert your pages into the spine
③ Close the covers & you're done!

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Fastback Binding Supplies

Fastback® Tape Binding Strips

Tape binding strips are applied to the spine of your book, creating a fast and professional finish. This binding method is popular because of how easy it is, requiring no punching. You just need a thermal binding machine. Most require just 3 simple steps.

Tape Bind Instructions:
① Place your strip into the machine
② Press Start
③ Cool the book & you're done!

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Coverbind Agility Wrap-Around Binding Covers

Agility Wrap-Around Soft Covers

Coverbind® Agility covers offer a fast and convenient way to bind thin documents, without the need of any special equipment. They are fast, easy, and much more professional than basic stapled documents.

Agility Cover Instructions:
① Design & print your pages; 1st page will show through cover
② Place the printed sheets into cover
③ Staple the tabs on the cover & you're done!

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