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Pouch Boards


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Pouch boards combine the process of mounting and laminating in to one simple step.  With pouch mounting boards all you need to do is insert your print between the board and attached sheet of lamination film and run it through your mounting or laminating machine. Some pouch boards are available with a pressure sensitive adhesive, and while using a laminator or mounting machine is not required, we still recommend that you do for a consistent and bubble-free finish. Choose from four pouch board styles including standard foam pouch boards, durable gator pouch boards, corrugated plastic pouch boards or thinner, more flexible paper pouch boards.  When you buy pouch boards online you can select either black or white in sizes as small as 9” x 11-1/2” up to 41” x 61”. 

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Product Description

Pouch boards combine a mounting board with an attached laminating sheet, letting you mount and laminate your print in one simple step. Choose from four different pouch board types including standard foam board pouch boards, a more durable gator board pouch board that is resistant to dents, a corrugated plastic pouch board for sign displays or a thin and flexible paper pouch board. Some styles offer both heat activated or cold / pressure sensitive adhesive, which is idea for heat-sensitive prints and inks as it is applied with pressure only. Pouch mounting boards are popular for mounting large fine art media, posters, photos and more. The laminate sheet comes in either a glossy finish (foam, gator, corrugated plastic, paper board) that enhances contrast and offers and extremely vibrant colors, or a matted finish (foam, gator) that reduces glare and offers an upscale look.

With pouch mounting boards all you need to do is insert your print between the board and attached lamination sheet and run it through your mounting/laminating machine. Though cold / pressure sensitive options do not require a machine, we recommend using a cold mounting machine to ensure a consistent and bubble-free finish. Sizes for these pouch mounting boards are available in a range from as small as 9" x 11-1/2" up to 41" x 61", and in either black or white for most styles.


  Foam Board   Gator Board     Corrugated Plastic Board     Paper Board  
  Foam pouch boards feature a basic "foam core board"  
  that is used for applications such as presentations,  
  school projects, poster mounting and more.  

  Gator pouch boards are resistant to dents and punctures. 
  It features hard Luxcell surfaces surrounding a  
  lightweight polystyrene foam core. Ideal for photo  
  mounters, artists, designers, sign painters, exhibit  
  builders and engineers that need a durable board that  
  will last being handled often and be more stable.  
  Corrugated plastic board features a fluted  
  core and is commonly used for temporary  
  outdoor signs and displays. Flutes run vertically  
  with the first dimension being the width.  

  Paper board pouch boards are constructed  
  from low-temp heat-activated paper board with  
  a 5 mil gloss laminate. Great for displays when  
  you need a thin, yet sturdy, result. Boards are  
  rigid enough to stand on an easel, but thin enough  
  for transporting several pieces to a presentation  
  with ease. The low temperature heat activated  
  adhesive is safe when using all inkjet and other prints  
  Sizes Available: 8-1/2" x 11-1/2" to 41" x 61"   Sizes Available: 18" x 24-1/2" to 36" x 48"   Sizes Available: 18-1/2" x 12" to 36-1/2" x 24"   Sizes Available: 18-1/2" x 25" to 25" x 37"
  Board Thickness: 3/16"     Board Thickness: 3/16"     Board Thickness: 4mm     Board Thickness: 25 mil (0.025")  
  Laminate Finish Options: Gloss & Matte     Laminate Finish Options: Gloss & Matte     Laminate Finish Options: Gloss     Laminate Finish Options: Gloss  
  Adhesive Types: Cold or Heat Activated     Adhesive Types: Cold or Heat Activated     Adhesive Types: Cold     Adhesive Types: Heat Activated (Low Temp)  


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