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Gloss Pigment Foil Fusing Rolls (Price per Roll)


Gloss pigment fusing foil are used to add colored text or images to dark papers, such as adding white to a black paper. They have toner-receptive adhesive on one side that sticks to dry toner*. Pigment foils may have a "color shift" when foil fused, meaning the color of toner you print will affect the final look, so we recommend testing. Use one of our compatible foil fusing machine to apply even and consistent heat to apply the foil to your toner. This foil can stick to smooth paper stocks of many thicknesses**.

Note: If you are using one of our Foil Fusing Machines, please select the 24" x 500' roll size, as they feature the 1" core that is required for use with the machines.

* Foil rolls stick to dry toner only - does not work with wax based inks from laser printers.

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Qty/Pack : 1 Roll

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Product Description

Gloss pigment fusing foil have a special toner receptive adhesive on the back that sticks to the dry toner that is used in most black and white copiers and laser printers (the foil will not adhere to wax based inks from laser printers*). Unlike metallic foils that are completely opaque, pigment foils may have a "color shift" when foil fused. The color shift is affected by the underlying toner color, meaning the color of toner you print and stick these foils to will affect the final color. We recommend that customers print a test sheet with colored toner bars ranging from yellow across the color range to black. After the color bars have been printed, run the sheet through a foil fusing machine using the pigment color foil. This will allow customers to gauge the amount of color shift they can expect with a give color of pigment foil fused over a specific color of toner. Keep these test sheets for future reference. Other heat machines, such as pouch laminators, might work with toner adhesive foiling rolls as well, however, may require more heat testing and adjusting to get a perfect finished print, and they are not guaranteed to work. This foil can stick to smooth paper stocks of many thicknesses; it does, however, have problems sticking to textured papers**.

A wide range of pigment colors foils are available; if you would like to request a specific PMS#, please call us to check availability. Otherwise, we list common colors available for immediate shipment. Please note that the 24" x 500' rolls feature a 1" core, which means they can be used with any of our Foil Fusing Machines; be sure to select this size roll if using one of these machines,


* The adhesive on the back of these foil rolls sticks to dry toner only; it will not work with wax based inks that are most often used with laser printers, inkjet printers, etc.
** The adhesive applies well to smooth paper stocks of a variety of thicknesses. It does not, however, create a solid/consistent look on textured papers.


Quantity 1 Roll
Product Type Foil Rolls
Foil Pattern Pigment Solid Colors
Shipping Weight (lbs) 3

User Reviews

LOVE!!!!!Review by Allison
I make custom wedding and event paper products and I was looking for a way to have plain and simple printed items look more classed up. I wanted to provide something special for my customers instead of something they could just print themselves. The white is great on black paper or for a faux chalkboard look and the black is my go-to for black print because it makes it even and glossy. I couldn't be more please with the foil I purchase from Binding 101. ♥ (Posted on 7/19/16)

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