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Standard PF-P330 Air Fed Paper Folder

Item #: 04S330FOLD

Standard PF-P330 Air Fed Paper Folder
Standard PF-P330 Control Panel
Standard PF-P330 Control Panel Close-Up, Left Side
Standard PF-P330 Control Panel Close-Up, Right Side
PF-P330 Paper Folder Fold Tower
PF-P330 Paper Feed Guides
PF-P330 Paper Feed Guides, Close-Up (Left + Right)
PF-P330 Printed Instructions on Machine
PF-P330 Printed Instructions (2nd Set) on Machine
PF-P330 Paper Folder Close Up
PF-P330 Feed Rollers
PF-P330 Paper Folder with Optional Stand (Not Included)

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With the Standard Horizon PF-P300 paper folder you get a combination of easy-to-use and premium features including variable air-suction to eliminate scuff marks and allowing for the use of coated paper stocks, quiet operation, and programmable memory modes for storage of up to ten custom folds. With a large feed tray capacity of a stack of paper as thick as 2.2" (about 550 sheets*) and a smooth exit tray, you can set the machine for your job and walk away. This means higher productivity for your employees. Six pre-set fold types plus the memory settings make for fast set up of up to 16 total folding jobs, while also allowing for custom folds as well. Ready to expand your office or work room capabilities? Buy the Standard PF-P330 air fed paper folder online. Because this machine is quiet and easy to use, it is a great choice for any office or print shop environment where folding a variety of paper stocks is needed. If you want to convert this desktop folder to a floor-standing unit, you can add the optional PF-P330 stand (not included). Expand your folding capabilities to included coated stocks of many kinds when you buy the Standard PF-P330 air fed paper folder





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