Protective Barriers

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Protect your staff and students with health-protective barriers from Binding101. We offer a wide variety of crystal clear temporary barriers to help prevent the spread of illness. Whether you need to stock up your school so each desk in every classroom has a barrier, or you need dividers to separate your office staff, you can find the best protective barriers for schools and businesses here. Tabletop/desktop PPE barriers can act as a shield against respiratory droplets whether from sneezing, coughing, eating, or just speaking. These shields can help slow down and stop the spread of various viruses and bacteria, including the current pandemic virus COVID-19. These PPE health shields are easily cleaned and sanitized as often as you need, so you can prepare your classroom for the next group of students by just cleaning them between use. 


For Schools: It is essential to keep our children, families, and school staff safe as education facilities continue to re-open and resume normal operations. Schools of all kinds, from K12 through universities and specialty teaching institutions, should take proper precautions to help prevent the spread of illness among individuals. Especially in these uncertain times, this protection measure is especially important. One of the simplest ways to stop respiratory droplets from traveling from one child to another is to create a pathogen barrier between them. Our line of protective barriers can act as this protection step. They are made of a clear plastic material that is easy to see through, offering minimal visual obstruction. This ensures your students will easily be able to see their teachers, and the teachers will easily be able to see the kids. These plastic dividers also offer a minimal audio barrier, so no one will have to yell to hear each other. The PPE barriers fit easily onto desks and tables, and freestanding floor models may also be available for different room styles.


For Businesses: When it comes to business ventures, the same protection measures are critical for not just the safety of your team, but also your business as a whole. A company can only function when its staff are healthy and present, so preventing the spread of viruses and illnesses between team members is a vital precaution. Our line of protective health dividers can help prevent the spread of illness as it will block respiratory droplets from leaving the individual's work area. Barrier precautions are a fundamental component of any infection control strategy, and they are widely recommended for any environment, especially those where physical/social distancing is difficult or impossible.


For Day Care: Utilize the same clear barriers in your daycare or pre-school teaching classroom. They provide a clear view of the child behind the shield while protecting them from a possibly sick child around them. And the children will still be able to see their teachers and classmates easily through the crystal clear plastic material. They have all of the same benefits as any other location choice; slowing the spread of illness from person-to-person.


If you need to buy protective health barriers for your entire school or office, your order may qualify for a significant bulk discount. Be sure to call us at (866)537-2244 if you need bulk barriers to protect against the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses spread from person-to-person.

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