Masks & Face Shields

Keep your staff, your customers, and your family safe with appropriate face masks and face shields. We offer a variety of face coverings to meet the current needs of our world and help prevent the exposure and spread of viruses, bacteria, and illnesses. Browse our collection of face masks in-stock below.


KN95 Masks - We offer KN95 face masks for both adults and children. These are indicated by the CDC as a suitable replacement for N95 masks, which are incredibly difficult to find and mostly reserved for the medical field. That is because they offer the same BFE bacterial filtration efficiency of 95% to block particles as small as 0.3 microns. We have adult and children sizes available, so you can give everyone the same premium protection.


Surgical Style Face Masks - We also offer the surgical-style face masks for both adults and children. These disposable masks offer 3-ply protection and easily conform to your face for a comfortable and strong cling. The latex-free fabric provides great protection while offering extended comfort.


Face Shields - We offer a selection of face shields as well, which cover most of your face, including your eyes. These shields are great because they make it easier to speak and communicate with facial expressions, while still offering protection. 


What makes a great face mask? Several things: for one, having a strong filtration that prevents 95% of particle exposure is ideal. Masks that fall into this category include the N95 and K95 varieties. You also need a mask that has an adjustable nose shape and ear straps that keep it securely against your face. Having this sealed connection between the edges of the mask and your face drastically reduces the chance of particles from your mouth exiting the mask, or particles from others entering the mask. Plus, a properly fitted mask means you don't have to touch and hassle with it on your face, again, reducing your exposure to other contaminants. High breathability is another important factor that plays into the comfort of wearing a mask; if it is easier to breathe through while wearing, you will easily be able to leave it on when circumstances call for a mask.

Protect your staff and family with our line of PPE masks and shields. Add accessories to make wearing them more comfortable, and keep plenty on-hand for unexpected needs.

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Masks & Face Shields

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  1. Eyeglass Face Shield with Goggles (Each)

    • Clear 7 mil A-PET Polyester with Anti-Fog Coating
    • Includes Shield & Clear-Lens Glasses Frame that Clips onto Shield
    • Sits Over Most Prescription Glasses
    • Extremely comfortable, lightweight and offers maximum breathability.


  2. Accushield Face Shield with Full-Face Coverage (Each)

    • Full-coverage wraps-around your face more than most others
    • Optically clear 007 recyclable A-PET polyester plastic
    • Only contacts the forehead with soft & flexible foam for conforming comfort
    • Treated with an anti-fog coating


  3. Children's Disposable Face Masks for Kids (10 Pack or 50 Pack)

    • 3-Layer face mask for children or adults with small faces
    • Made with high quality, latex-free fabric for ultimate protection and comfort
    • Disposable (intended for one-time use)
    • Metal nose strap allows for improved seal and fit over standard cloth masks

    Starting at: $7.99

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    Children's Disposable Face Masks for Kids (50 Pack) MIS-DFMC50
    Children's Disposable Face Masks for Kids (10 Pack) MIS-DFMC10
  4. Surgical Style Disposable Face Masks (50 Pack)

    • BFE Bacterial filtration efficiency rating ≥ 95% (equivalent to N95 mask)
    • 3-Layer filtration that offers a safety guard of comfort and breathability
    • Medical-style disposable face mask made from non-woven cloth
    • Effective at blocking micro bacterial dust and helps to absorb moisture from breath and perspiration


  5. KN95 Disposable Face Masks (N95 Comparable 95% BFE Protection)

    • Suitable replacement for N95 facemask as rated by the CDC
    • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) = 95% (Same as N95) of particles as small as 0.3 microns
    • Greatly reduces the inhalation of pollution and airborne particulate
    • Metal bar over nose and soft ear straps for a comfortable and secure fit

    Starting at: $15.39

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    Adult KN95 Disposable Face Mask (10 Masks) 97PPEMISKN95FW
  6. KN95 Kids Disposable Face Masks for Children (N95 Comparable 95% BFE Protection) (10 Pack)

    • Suitable replacement for N95 facemask as rated by the CDC
    • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) = 95% (Same as N95) of particles as small as 0.3 microns
    • Form-Fitting flexible nose piece ensures a tight seal and reduced fog on glasses
    • Elastic adjustable ear loops provide enhanced comfort for extended use


  7. Open-Ended Mask Holding Lanyards with Bull Dog Clips (100 Pack)

    • Open-Ended Lanyards are Perfect for Masks
    • Bull Dog Clips on Each Side are Easy to Remove and Attach
    • Durable 3/8" Lanyard
    • Pack of 100

    Starting at: $49.99

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  8. Adjustable Mask Holder Lanyards

    • Adjusts between 18” – 30”
    • Ideal solution for children and adults
    • Available in three popular colors
    • Great for schools, businesses, and healthcare settings

    Starting at: $135.00

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    Product Name Item Number Price Qty
    Adjustable Black Mask Holder Lanyards - 100/Pack 97PPE21405311
    Adjustable Navy Blue Mask Holder Lanyards - 100/Pack 97PPE21405314
    Adjustable Royal Blue Mask Holder Lanyards - 100/Pack 97PPE21405312
  9. Gateway Ear Saver Straps for Face Masks (500 Pack)

    • Pair with your own face mask for a more comfortable fit
    • Relieve pressure from the back of your ears by shifting the ear straps to the EarSaver
    • Smooth, non-porous PVC plastic can be easily cleaned or sanitized
    • Lightweight and re-usable


  10. FR1 Face Shields with Velcro Strap (100 Pack)

    • Wide lens for uninterrupted vision in all directions
    • Comfortable foam pad rests on the forehead
    • Velcro closure is adjustable to fit most head sizes/shapes
    • Bulk pack with 100 face shields


10 Items

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