PPE Masks & Face Shields

Protect your staff and family with our line of PPE masks and shields. Add accessories to make wearing them more comfortable, and keep plenty on-hand for unexpected needs.

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Masks & Shields

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  1. KN95 Disposable Face Mask (Folds Flat) - Pack of 1

    • Suitable replacement for the now-scarce N95 facemask as rated by the CDC (Center for Disease Control)
    • Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) =95%.
    • Drastically reducing air pollution and airborne particulate inhalation
    • Two soft ear straps comfortably keep the mask securely in place.


  2. Surgical Style Disposable Face Masks - Box of 50

    • Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) =95%
    • 3-Layer Filtration that offers a safety guard of comfort and breathability.
    • Skin friendly fabric ear bands.
    • Effective at blocking micro bacterial dust and helps to absorb moisture from breath and perspiration.


  3. Gateway Ear Savers for Face Masks - Box of 500

    • To be used with your face masks to help make COVID-19 a little more comfortable.
    • Lightweight and re-usable.
    • Smooth, non-porous finish means it is easily sanitized.
    • High or low position on head; can work with different types of PPE.


  4. FR1 Face Shields with Velcro Strap - Box of 100

    • Have wide lens material with uncompromised peripheral, upward and downward vision.
    • Equipped with industrial foam padding for increased comfort
    • Lightweight design
    • Fastens securely to your head ensuring the face shield moves with you


4 Items

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