High Volume Paper Folders

With a paper folding machine, you can finally perform folds in greater quantities than ever before. The best paper folder machines in our selection are easy to set up for the most common kinds of folding applications, including half-fold, tri-fold, z-fold, and more. Plus they offer customization of the folds by simply moving the fold plates manually. These folding machines provide consistent, professional-quality folding with little to no effort required on the part of an operator.

High-production paper folding machines are suited to large print shops, medical facilities, and organizations with high-volume requirements or increasing client demand. We offer both friction- and air-fed machines. Deciding between the two feeding styles will depend on the kind of paper products you fold most often and your budget. A friction feed machine is ideal for standard office papers and documents, while an air feed is ideal for coated stocks.

Each paper folding machine we offer is easy to use and includes integrated features to keep pages moving smoothly along the production finishing line. Spend $75* and get free standard shipping (click for details). If you have any questions about this selection, please contact us today for additional information. We strive to make Binding101 your favorite place to shop. Email info@buy101.com or call us at (866) 537-2244.

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High Volume

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  1. Formax FD 386 Automatic Touchscreen Paper Folder

    • Color Touchscreen Control Panel
    • Folds up to 17,000 pieces per hour
    • Stores 18 pre-programmed folds and up to 27 custom folds
    • Made in USA


  2. Formax FD 38Xi Fully Automatic Touchscreen Document Folder

    • Color Touchscreen Control Panel
    • Folds up to 17,000 pieces per hour
    • Dedicated Multi-Sheet Feeder
    • Made in USA


  3. MBM 352S High-Speed Air/Suction Feed Folder

    • Ideal for high-volume folding.
    • Air suction feed system, suitable for folding wide variety of stocks, including coated paper.
    • Maximum Speed: 30,000 sheets/hour
    • Sheet Capacity: 450 Sheets


  4. Formax Atlas-AS Air Feed Document Folder

    • Speed: Up to 27,500 per hour
    • Hopper Capacity: Up to 500 sheets, 22# bond
    • Pre-Set Folds: Pre-programmed for C, V, Z, Gate, Fold Out and Double Parallel
    • Paper Sizes: Min: 6.2" L x 5.5" W (3.7" with optional narrow sheet attachment)


  5. MBM 208J Friction Fed Paper Folder

    • Speed: 14,400 Sheets / Hour
    • Folding Capacity: 1 Sheet
    • Paper Weight: 12 to 80 lb
    • Feed Tray Capacity: 500 Sheets


  6. MBM 352F Friction Fed Paper Folder

    • Speed: 22,000 Sheets / Hour
    • Fold Types: Letter Fold, Half Fold, Zig-Zag Fold, Double Fold, Fold-Out Fold, Cross Fold
    • Folding Capacity: 1 Sheet
    • Feed Tray Capacity: 300 Sheets


  7. Standard PF-P330 Air Fed Paper Folder

    • Variable speed Vacuum/Blower Volume Control
    • Six pre-set fold types plus the memory settings make for fast set up of up to 16 total folding jobs, while also allowing for custom folds as well
    • Feed Tray Capacity: 550 Sheets* [About 2.2" Thick Stack]
    • Speed: 14,400 Sheets / Hour


  8. Standard PF-P3100 Friction Fed Paper Folder

    • Unique Speed Mode Selection that includes a Silent Mode or Slow Mode
    • High-Speed Mode has a maximum folding speed of 240 sheets per minute (A4 / 8.5" x 11" single fold)
    • Preset Fold Formats: Letter Fold, Half Fold, Double Parallel Fold, Engineering Fold, Z-Fold, Gate Fold
    • Integrated exit conveyor


8 Items

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