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Pad Counter (Multiple Sizes Available)


When creating multiple pads of paper at a time, the fastest and easiest solution is to use a padding press machine. This pad press vice allows you to create very large stacks of paper that, after the padding glue is applied and dried, can be cut down to smaller pads of paper using a padding knife. But how do you create consistent paper pad thicknesses? With a pad counter! These handy little padding tools feature an adjustable bar that hold firm in-place once set, so you can set how thick you want your pads to be and use it to properly separate multiple stacks, adding chip board sheets between stacks. Built for stability, padding counters have a solid wood handle for comfort with a chrome plated steel spade for durability. If you need an easy and efficient way to measure where pads of paper need to be separated, buy a pad counter online. We offer them in three sizes, including 2", 4", and 5" pad counter options.

How to Use a Pad Counter:
   ① Clamp the counter around a stack of paper that is your desired thickness
   ② Squeeze it closed, and rotate the handle to tighten it into place
   ③ Use the counter to separate a thick stack of paper into multiple thinner stacks
   ④ Place each stack aside, separating them with chip board pad backing
   ⑤ Jog the new stack and place it into your padding press to use as-normal

Product Name Price Qty
2" Adjustable Pad Counter Item#05PADCNTR2
4" Adjustable Pad Counter Item#05PADCNTR4
5" Adjustable Pad Counter Item#05PADCNTR5

Pad Counter FAQs

Q: Do I use the counter before binding?
Pad counters are used before binding to turn one thick stack of paper (such as a ream) into multiple stacks of a consistent thickness. Once you measure how thick you want each notepad to be, you simply tighten the pad counter, and use it to divide up the rest of the ream, adding a piece of chipboard or other backing to the bottom of each stack.


Product Description


Pad counters are used as a convenient way to consistently measure how thick you want your paper pads to be before binding. Easy to use, just set the adjustable bar to the desired height and tighten it into place, then place it against your thick stack of paper and use the spade to separate the stacks, and place them aside. If using chip board backings, you can separate each new stack with one sheet. Constructed of a solid wood handle and a chrome plated spade, these pad counters have been made for durability and are comfortable to handle, even for long periods of time.

Available in three sizes including 2", 4", and 5" options, pad counters are an essential pad binding tool that is used in print shops, binding studios, real estate offices, and in businesses of all kinds -- anyone who makes their own pads of paper more than one at a time. They assist users in quickly and easily creating professional pads of paper. To make bulk paper bad binding faster and more efficient, buy a pad counter online, as well as many other padding supplies.

When to use a Pad Counter:

   ① Assemble your pad counter by inserting the bar into the slot on the handle
   ② Manually create one stack of paper in your desired thickness and clamp the spade and "L" portion of the bar around a stack of paper, squeezing it closed
   ③ To tighten it into place, simply rotate the handle
   ④ Place the spade onto the top if a stack of paper, placing the bar in-between sheets, and repeat this process for your entire stack to create perfectly consistent thicknesses
   ⑤ Place each stack aside, separating them with a chip board pad backing
   ⑥ Jog the stack, and place it into your padding press machine to use as-normal


Manufacturer Lithco, Inc.
Manufacturer Part Number PADCNTRGRP
Quantity 1 Piece
Shipping Weight (lbs) 5

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