I-Bar Sealers

Find the best deals on top-quality I-bar sealers at Binding101. This kind of sealer is a quick, fairly small, and a simple solution for low to mid-level shrink wrapping needs. Simply place a roll of centerfold shrink wrap film into the mandrel, and pull a bit underneath the bar. Press the bar down to seal the first edge. Now you can start inserting your items, moving them through the machine, and sealing between each. Once done, use a specialized shrink wrap heat gun to actually shrink the film around your item. The manual heat gun gives you complete control over how much to shrink the film.

I-bar sealers are a popular choice for warehouses in various industries, churches and organizations for raffles and fundraisers, event planners, and many others. Some large corporations even have them as a secondary or quick-wrap solution for their smaller runs of packaging requirements. Their simplicity, affordability, and effectiveness makes i-bar sealers a perfect fit for users of all kinds.

We offer only the best-in-class I-bar systems with high customer reviews and quality manufacturing. If you need help finding the perfect shrink wrap system for your individual needs, please call us at (866) 537-2244 to speak to a knowledgeable staff member.

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I-Bar Sealers
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