Hand Sealers

Hand sealers bring the ability to seal and shrink wrap products to smaller users of all kinds. They are small, effective machines that seal a pre-formed shrink bag on the open end, creating an air and water-tight seal. You then use a shrink heat gun to actually shrink the material around your item; this gives you complete control over shrink amount. You can also just use therm as a sealer without shrinking the bags, such as for retail display and selling of your items.

Also called impulse bag sealers, these hand sealing machines come in sizes as small as 4 inches and as long as 20", so you can truly use them for a wide variety of items. This also means that if you are a lower-volume user, you don't have to over-buy a huge machine. Some hand sealers also offer various sealing widths and even built-in trimmers. Whether you are selling your products on Etsy and want to professionally package them, offering specially made food items for sale, or packaging baskets for a fundraiser, a small hand sealing machine can get the job done. Just pair with a heat gun for a full shrink wrapping solution.

At Binding101, we offer only the best-in-class shrink wrap equipment, so if you need help finding the ideal system for your specific needs, call us at (866) 537-2244. Our trained staff can help guide you to the best hand sealer of your individual needs.

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Hand Sealers
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