Bag Sealers

If you use shrink wrap bags and want to improve your production speed, then consider a bag sealer from Binding101. We offer some of the best-in-class systems that can help increase efficiency and improve your finished shrink-wrapped product. These sealers have a single-bar heat blade that will cut and seal the bag, locking your items inside and preparing them for shrinking. The seal is strong, creating an air and water-tight seal. You can also choose not to shrink the bags, but just use these as a sealer for your retail displays.

We have several bag sealing units available, including manual impulse sealers in a huge variety of sizes from 4" to 20" long, some with incorporated trimmers, as well as automatic systems to 24" that utilize a foot pedal, which leaves both hands free to handle your items. For your higher volume packaging needs, the automated bag sealers are a great choice and can be paired with a shrink tunnel for a full system.

Need help finding the perfect shrink wrap bag sealer? Call our experts at (866) 537-2244 for one-on-one assistance to guide you to the best option for your individual needs.

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Bag Sealers
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