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51" x 164' Optically Clear Pressure Sensitive Mounting Adhesive [2-Sides Permanent Adhesive] (1 Roll) Item#80PSMAOCPP51

Item #: 80PSMAOCPP51

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For window graphics and transparent displays, there is nothing better than optically clear mounting adhesive. The crystal clear properties of these adhesive mounting rolls lets you put graphics onto windows, glass doors, acrylic and other see-through surfaces without affecting the transparency of the glass itself, except where your graphic is printed. The adhesive is pressure sensitive, so requires no equipment or heat to mount to your print or the substrate; just peel the liners and stick. You can choose from different adhesive configurations including two-sided permanent adhesive or one side permanent and one side removable. No matter your choice, the adhesive is designed to peel off easily from glass and acrylic materials within six months of the initial application. Since it is designed for display on glass, it is meant to help prevent peeling from heat and sun exposure. Display eye-catching graphics on previously unused and valuable advertising space when you buy optically clear mounting adhesive online.

Qty/Pack : 1 Roll

Product Description

Optically Clear Mounting Adhesive features double release liner with permanent adhesive on both sides. Great for promotional advertising, point of purchase and eye-catching trade show exhibit applications requiring see-through graphics--windows, glass doors or any other transparent surface. The removable adhesive is designed to easily remove from glass, Plexiglass, and acrylic sheet within six months of application.

Outdoor Applications:

  • General Purpose White Mounting Film – up to 6 months outdoors
  • General Purpose Clear Mounting Films – up to 6 months outdoors
  • Optically Clear Mounting Film - up to 2 years outdoors


Item # 80PSMAOCPP51
Manufacturer Kapco® Graphic Products
Manufacturer Part Number KJMOUNT/OPCLR/51/164
Quantity 1 Roll
Size 51" x 164'
Color Optically Clear
Product Type Adhesive Rolls
Adhesive Type Permanent
Shipping Weight (lbs) 29

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