Heavy Duty Extra Large Semi-Translucent / White Rhino Cutting Mats with No Grid (Many Sizes)
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Heavy Duty Extra Large Semi-Translucent / White Rhino Cutting Mats with No Grid (Many Sizes)

Brand: SpeedPress
FAQ: 9 Questions, 9 Answers
  • Made of a 3/16" thick seamless self-healing polyethylene material that is meant to last
  • Without grid underlay.
  • Suitable for Rotary and Straight Utility Knives.
  • Semi-Translucent / White Non-Glare Surface on One Side, and Smooth on the Other
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2' x 4' Rhino Cutting Mat (No Grid) 04CCRHICM24NG
4' x 6' Rhino Cutting Mat (No Grid) 04CCRHIM46NG
4' x 8' Rhino Cutting Mat (No Grid) 04CCRHIM48NG
4' x 10' Rhino Cutting Mat (No Grid) 04CCRHIM410NG
4' x 12' Rhino Cutting Mat (No Grid) 04CCRHIM412NG
4' x 16' Rhino Cutting Mat (No Grid) 04CCRHIM416NG
5' x 8' Rhino Cutting Mat (No Grid) 04CCRHIM58NG
5' x 10' Rhino Cutting Mat (No Grid) 04CCRHIM510NG
5' x 12' Rhino Cutting Mat (No Grid) 04CCRHIM512NG
6' x 10' Rhino Cutting Mat (No Grid) 04CCRHIM610NG
6' x 12' Rhino Cutting Mat (No Grid) 04CCRHIM612NG


Shop various sizes of our durable 3/16" self-healing polyethylene mats for precise cutting. No grid underlay. Perfect for rotary & utility knives.


Compatible Supplies & Accessories 4' Rhino Tables & Accessories
5' Rhino Tables & Accessories
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Color Semi-Translucent / White


Shop our Rhino large cutting mats available in an extensive range of oversized dimensions, from 2' x 4' (24" x 48") up to 6' x 12' (72" x 144"). These premium cutting mats cater to the needs of professionals across various fields, including industrial applications, printing, sign making, framing, photography, design, and more.

Crafted from ultra heavy-duty, 3/16" thick seamless self-healing polyethylene material, these mats are engineered to stand the test of time, ensuring they remain a reliable companion for all your cutting tasks. Designed for your convenience, these mats are best stored flat, presenting the perfect cutting surface for guillotine and hand-held blades, ideal for use on cutting tables.

Key Features:

  • 180 Gauge (3/16" Thick) Polyethylene Plastic - Thick, Durable, Long-Lasting
  • Suitable for Rotary and Straight Utility Knives
  • Semi-Translucent / White Non-Glare Surface on One Side, and Smooth on the Other
  • Solvent Proof Offering no Odor
  • Mats won't Gouge for Flawless, Straight Cuts
  • Knife Blades Last Longer
  • Protects your Work Surface
  • Easily Attaches to your Work Table with Double-Sided Tape
  • Ships Rolled via UPS

Custom cut sizes may also be available. Call us at (866) 537-2244 for information.

Tips: For easy and inexpensive shipping, these mats come rolled up. Luckily, you just need to unroll the mat and lay it flat with the curl side down for a day or two to allow it to straighten out. Once the mat is flat, it stays flat so you don’t have to worry about it curling back up. 
Avoid using any additional heat sources to try and flatten the mat. This could cause severe warping or distortion to the mat. For best results, try laying the mat, still curl side down, outside in the sun for a day or two.  Also avoid sitting anything heavy on top to flatten it out.  

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Frequent Asked Questions

I’m making 2 4x4’ tables for a screen printing shop. How would I go about adhering these to a plywood table surface ?
Asked by Will
The mats are heavy enough to keep themselves in place, but to be on the safe side, some customers use double-sided tape on the edges. Do not use nails, screws, or glue to hold the mat -- they are made of plastic that will expand and contract with temp fluctuation and these items can cause damage. We can custom cut a 4'x8' mat in half to accommodate the two of the 4'x4' mats - please email us at info@buy101.com with your company information if you would like a custom price quote. Thank you.
Answer by Binding101
Is 1/4 inch the only thickness for a 4 x 6 matt?
Asked by Steve Owens
Yes, this is the only thickness of cutting mat currently available.
Answer by Binding101
How does a 4' x 8' sheet ship , flat or rounded
Asked by Tina
These cutting mats ship rolled via UPS.
Answer by Binding101
How difficult is it to cut the mat to a size I want by myself? Im curious what tool you use to custom cut them.
Asked by Ken Libby
We have specialty industrial-level equipment for custom cutting of mats. The mat itself is made of a PVC material called styrene and is about 1/4" thick. We do not recommend attempting to cut it yourself, since it is specially designed not to be cut; there are no tools we can offer to cut them yourself. If you need a custom size mat, we can help; just send us an email at info@buy101.com with your information, including the mat size you need, and we can send you a quote.
Answer by Binding101
I’m a wood worker and was wondering if this would work for my glue up table. Will wood glue stick to it?
Asked by Brian Lundberg
Hello! Yes, wood glue should stick to these mats. The mats will help protect your tables. Have a great day!
Answer by Binding101
Are these food grade cutting mats?
Asked by Cooper
Yes, our Rhino cutter mats are food-grade.
Answer by Binding101
I want to purchase a cutting matte please advise next step
Asked by Paul Hamilton
Hello! You can easily order your cutting mat online. Just select the size you want from the listing page and hit "add to cart". Call us at (866)537-2244 or email info@buy101.com if you need assistance. Thanks!
Answer by Binding101
Do you cut on non glare side up or smooth side up?I have Rhino mat for a year but so many cut marks Deep material sticking to i not sure how to fix that
Asked by Judi mcintosh
These dual-sided mats can be cut on both sides, based on the customer's preference. Over time, depending on the customer, it is possible that cuts can be applied that are too deep to "self heal", at which point there is no repair solution; the only option would be to replace the mat with a new one.
Answer by Binding101
Do you have grid on any of these?
Asked by Gina
Yes, we offer the same heavy duty rhino boards with a grid underlay that can be placed beneath the mat. You can see the sizes available at www.binding101.com/heavy-duty-translucent-rhino-cutting-mats-with-grid
Answer by Binding101

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