Heat Activated Boards

The top-choice for professionals, our selection of heat activated mounting boards with thermal adhesive are available in a huge selection of sizes and styles, as well as in black or white. They can be paired with a heated or thermal mounting and laminating machine to produce a truly exceptionally finished mounted print.

Thermal mounting boards are also available in a foamcore style or gator board for a more rigid and durable display. They are also available in pouch boards so you can mount and laminate in one step. Depending on the style, stocked sizes are available from 9” x 11” up to 48” x 96”. Black and white boards are an option, and all sizes feature the thermal adhesive on one side of the board.

Our selection of high quality mounting boards are affordable, without sacrificing durability. Need some help choosing? Give us a call at (866) 537-2244 today.

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Heat Activated

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  1. Heat Activated Foamcore Mounting Boards (Price per Box)

    • Made of a general purpose foam core with clay coated facings
    • Create a premium mount when paired with your mounting-capable roll laminator
    • Board Thickness: 3/16"
    • Sizes: 20" x 30" through 48" x 96"

    Starting at: $179.39

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  2. White Foam Core Pouch Boards with Thermal Adhesive (Box of 10)

    • Thickness: 3/16"
    • Material: Foam Core Board
    • Combines a mounting board and lamination sheet to mount/laminate in one step
    • Qty/Box: 10 / Box

    Starting at: $24.35

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  3. Heat-Activated EagleCell™ Biodegradable Corrugated Mounting Boards (Price per Box)

    • 1/4” thick white corrugated mount boards
    • Low-temp 150° permanent adhesive
    • Exceptional structural strength
    • Biodegradable mount board

    Starting at: $37.27

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  4. Heat-Activated notFOAM™ Recyclable Corrugated Mounting Boards (Price per Box)

    • 3/16” thick corrugated acid-free mount boards by Crescent
    • Recyclable low-temp (150°) JHA acid-free permanent adhesive
    • Corrugated core with white front & kraft back
    • Compare to heat activated acid free foam boards

    Starting at: $55.40

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  5. 9" x 11 ½" Easel-Back Pouch Boards (Box of 10)

    • Color: White
    • Laminate Finish: Gloss
    • Board Thickness: 70 pt (About 1/16")
    • Adhesive Type: Heat Activated


6 Items

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